Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Yardsale Finds

I am getting ready, both physically and emotionally to leave The Blue
Cottage for the summer.  I'm collecting items to take to the old
homeplace and was on my way to my favorite resale store when I
came upon yard sales along the route. On my first stop, I picked up a
beautiful second hand table that just needs a little clean up work.  It
was only $5.
It is a little taller than a coffee table, but perfect for the large rooms in
the old homeplace.   I love the detail.
The next yard sale along the route had a small metal table.  When
DH and I found it, we knew it would be perfect to put next to the
glider on the porch of the old homeplace.  This yard furniture piece
was just $10.  I think it is beautiful.
Next stop, I bought this glass bowl for 50 cents.  DH wants me to fill it with banana pudding! I did!
I bought this wonderful basket for $1. I can fill it with books,

magazines, or yarn.  It is in almost perfect condition!

Then I finally arrived at the resale store and found just what I had
been looking for!  There was a red and black wooden bookcase
that will fit in the back hallway of the old homeplace to collect all
those objects left by the back door.  The color is perfect!
I need to do some clean up on this one, too.  It was $25 and is solid.
I'll post "after" pictures of the pieces when they find their place in the
old homeplace.  There is one more object I want to share with you
today!  DH picked these this morning.  Have a great day!

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  1. Lottie, you scored some really GREAT bargains! My favorite is the white metal table. I love its pretty scrolly details. :)