Saturday, February 21, 2015


Just when I was getting used to winter an ice storm arrived and everything changed again! And the beauty of the outside was incredible all over again  Here are some pictures in my back yard!




This squirrel was enjoying a snack below the birdfeeder.  He seemed to be trying to get my attention!  When I looked up at the birdfeeder above him, I saw the strangest looking bird! Ha!

Thank you for visiting me today!  DH is in and out.  The cold doesn't seem to bother him.  He just wraps up and drinks more hot coffee!  Hope you are warm and enjoying the world out your window!


Friday, February 13, 2015

First Buttercups Blooming

Every February when the buttercups in my yard begin to bloom, my heart just overflows with happiness! Here is a favorite poem written in 1876 by Sarah Orne Jewett.


Down in a field, one day in June,
     The flowers all bloomed together,
Save one, who tried to hide herself,
     And drooped, that pleasant weather.
A robin who had soared too high,
     And felt a little lazy,
Was resting near a buttercup
     Who wished she were a daisy.
For daisies grow so trig and tall;
     She always had a passion
For wearing frills about her neck
     In just the daisies' fashion.
And buttercups must always be
     The same old tiresome color,
While daisies dress in gold and white,
     Although their gold is duller.
"Dear robin," said this sad young flower,
     "Perhaps you'd not mind trying
To find a nice white frill for me,
     Some day, when you are flying?"
"You silly thing!" the robin said;
     "I think you must be crazy!
I'd rather be my honest self
     Than any made-up daisy.
"You're nicer in your own bright gown,
     The little children love you;
Be the best buttercup you can,
     And think no flower above you.
"Though swallows leave me out of sight,
     We'd better keep our places;
Perhaps the world would all go wrong
     With one too many daisies.
"Look bravely up into the sky,
     And be content with knowing
That God wished for a buttercup
     Just here, where you are growing."


Thank you for sharing this spring time favorite with me today on this cold day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paying it back to Elizabeth cat

Last week I stayed close to home (except for two trips to the store) to take care of my ... cat ... Elizabeth. We raised Elizabeth from a kitten and for eight years she would stay close to us when anyone in the family was sick. We let her out one night and she came back with her back legs hurt.  I won't describe any more ... just to state that after a week of carrying her food to her and $220 veterinary services, she is doing well.

She didn't cry once!  But boy did she ever growl!

Things are slowly getting back to normal!