Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Open House Tour at Hill House

We were just taking a Sunday drive in Abbeville, SC, when we saw a sign at the gates, Open House 2-5.  We asked ourselves if Hill House, owned by the Hill family was for sale? No, the Hill's were just sharing the house decorated for Christmas and refreshments. The Christmas Open House is open every Sunday afternoon beginning Thanksgiving weekend thru the Sunday before Christmas with free admission.  It is a beautiful home and the family said I could take all the pictures I wanted!  So, hope you enjoy the tour!

The house was built by David Lesly in 1839 and was purchased by John Livingston Hill in 1893.  It has been in the Hill family since then. All the family lives in other homes and keep the house in good order for weddings and events.  We were greeted by the family with a warm welcome in the front hall.

The Front Hall  (how inviting!)


An elegant view into the Back Hall

Let's go into the parlor.

I love the yellow walls! The family has kept the home very cozy!  And I love the stripes on the sofa!

Original piano that has always been in the house.

This is the formal dining room with a door that leads to a side porch.

This organ was in the corner of the formal dining room.  I started inserting the web page for the wedding and events, but I've just taken too many pictures to do that individually.

The everyday dining room is my favorite room in the house.  Both dining rooms and kitchen are all now on the same side of the house for easy access.  I love the colors in this room!

This beautiful modern kitchen was built on to replace the detached original kitchen.

DH is looking out at the pasture.  What a wonderful place to look at the sunset while preparing meals.

We are in the back hall again.. 

The law books and deed holders look beautiful in the back hall.
Now into a downstairs bedroom.  The gorgeous  furniture is original to the family.

Let's go upstairs into the wide middle hall.

At the end of the hall is another beautiful Christmas tree!  The upstairs has four large rooms originally used as bedrooms.  The first room is used as an office now.

There is a blue bedroom.

The second bedroom is the master bedroom. 

And the fourth bedroom is where the owner keeps her dolls!

I will stop here for now and post pictures of the dolls soon! Click here.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I certainly did!
 Thank you to the Hill's for graciously opening up your family home. 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Special Time Before Christmas Decorations

I think there are beautiful days every season, but this time right now, the first few days after the leaves fall, are the days that I treasure.  It's still relatively warm, 68 degrees today, and plenty of sunshine along with a little cold wind that blows ever so often. Many of my neighbors take advantage of this warm spot right after Thanksgiving to decorate their homes for the Christmas season.  I just can't!  This wonderful time just before winter is too beautiful to not enjoy.  I'll decorate in a couple of weeks after a few good cold rains.  But for today, lets take a walk!  It will do you good to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature! Look up!  We can see the sky!

All the leaves have been falling like snowflakes.  Now they are  all down and we can look up into the trees.  What a beautiful blue sky!

I know...I know, that means there are leaves to gather, but that is good exercise, too!

Walk with me and lets see if we can name the flowers blooming today.


Camellia Sasanqua


Dune Sea Iris


Ha! Ha!  Sorry, I included a picture of our wood pile. I think it is beautiful! 

DH has cleaned, filled the bird feeders and hung them with care.  He has them all ready for our winter guests.

Come swing awhile and enjoy the sunshine.  It won't last long.

In fact, this special time won't last long either.  For when I was raking leaves, I found something underneath!

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"
Percy Bysshe Shelley  Ode the West Wind

Thank you for coming along with me today on my walk.  The day was beautiful! Always treasure today!
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