Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Union Springs, Al (Lots of old houses) Part 2 of 4

This is summer and we are working on the homeplace.  Sometimes
you have to get away and renew.  That is what DH and I did.  We
visited a small town, Union Springs, about halfway between
Montgomery and Eufaula.  Here are some pictures.


This house is getting some repair work done. 

This is the side view of the above house.  A truck was parked in front.

I think this is the courthouse (above) in town.  And right in the middle
of the street is this.......

I think it is a bird dog.  Anyway, you have to drive around it.

I have a dear friend and colleague, Susan, who is from Union Springs.
I think of her every time I drive through.  After all, it is the people,
not the houses, that make the town.

Remember to love the house you're in.  Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I love looking at old homes too. I think my favorite one was the third one. Just love that front porch.