Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Torn Between Two Houses

  Oh, my heart aches sometimes.....  All my life I wanted 
an old house to nurture and dress up.  I ' ve dreamed of it
since I was a little girl.
I found one in 2008 and when home prices went down
we could finally afford this OLD 1907 home to fix up
for our retirement home.  It was a dream come true!
I truly love the house! 
But buying it may not have been such a good idea.

1.  It took all our money to buy it and repair it! 
No money left for fun or for travel.

2.  I'm still working a five hour drive away! 
So, I have only spent twelve days in the house in 2011.

3.  Our sons can't visit us.  One lives 250 miles away and
the other son lives 500 miles away! 
How our heart aches ...

         4.  To keep the house, we have to pay to keep the
utilities on and taxes and yard upkeep, etc.

But...we love the house.  We absolutely love it!

I don't know what we are going to do.  Twelve days is not 
very much time to spend in your dream home.
It's just not practical.

And how can I ever sell my beloved blue cottage?
Can't keep both houses.   Oh my heart is torn.... 
What would you do?

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Year of Monday Motivations

Last year, I followed Kelly Miller at Tidy Brown Wren blog and
cleaned and organized a room a month.  I'm amazed at what great
motivation and tips can be found on Tidy Brown Wren.  Kelly is
a professional home organizer.

I work full time and commute to work in a town over an hour a day.
On top of that, I deal with medical issues every day.  I only have
the weekend to clean my home. For over ten years I had followed
Fly Lady and cleaned for 15 min. a day in a different room each
week.  I always had 15 min., but my house was never really cleaned
all at once. 

Kelly's Monday Motivations work!
By focusing on one room a month for a year, I've de-cluttered
everything, including my car.  And following Kelly is like having
a friend do it along with you. It's just more fun!

Last year, Kelly followed this plan.

January - Foyer/Entrance
February - Kitchen
March - Bathrooms
April - Bedrooms
May - Closets
June - Kid's rooms
July - Family Room/Living Room
August - Paper Work (I worked on the study/home office)
September - Car
October - Garage
November - Laundry Room
December - Dining Room

What Worked Really Well Last Year
October was great for cleaning out the garage!  The weather was
cool and we didn't have to cut grass.

December was really a great month for cleaning the dining room.
I didn't put out Christmas decorations in that room. It was really
nice and cozy.  I de-cluttered dishes, tablecloths, napkins, etc. 

And then there was January, which was to clean the hall and coat
closet.  This year, after already going through this process last
year, it took me and DH all of 5 min. to de-clutter the coat closet.
This year we are washing down walls. Here are some pictures.

After going through the house last year, I can already see how
much easier this year will be.   Check out Kelly's blog for some
great motivational tips!  Tidy Brown Wren