Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitchen Unveiled - Part 2

After I posted the built-in cupboard in the 1907 homeplace, some
sweet bloggers have emailed me for more pictures of my kitchen.  I
want to be honest in all things I post, so I feel the need to show you
the rest of the kitchen that has been updated by previous owners. We
didn't update it, but we sure love it!

On the left is the back door that leads to a large screened-in
back porch. The transom over the door has all the original
hardware and we open it quite often.  On the counter across
the back of the kitchen, we have our mini-fridge (which is our
only refrigerator) and food prep area.  We also have a large
window that was modified in the update.

I have plenty of drawers and cabinet space for storing pots and
pans.  The counter tops are large solid blocks of heart pine wood
with a poly coat for protection.

The kitchen had a gas stove with a rather large vent hood.

All the men folk in my family have claimed this stove and some
great meals have been cooked here.  I have a pan of corn
bread on it right now that I made for lunch (thanks Jiffy).
Last New Year's Holiday, we had eight cooks in this kitchen all
working comfortably.  The high ceiling make it so comfortable.

This is the other side of the kitchen with another window and
dishwasher and sink.  Then there is a big open space where a
refrigerator would normally be.  DH and I are working on the
house this summer and it is just the two of us, so we haven't
seen a  need for a big refrigerator so far.  We enjoy simple meals,
mostly vegetables from our families' gardens.  We try to eat
what we have before buying new. 
On this wall, I have lots of drawers, also.  On the counter is our
styrofoam ice chest that we fill with ice everyday.  It costs $1.35
a day to buy ice for our iced tea.

Now, about the windows.... Lots of older homes have long
windows in the kitchen.  Some owners build around the windows
and some close up half a window.  The previous owners chose
to close up half the window and have a long counter for food

The window still looks the same on the outside with glass both
top and bottom.  But inside the bottom half is black wall.  It looks
fine from the outside.  I  wondered before we bought this house if
I would like having a kitchen where you couldn't see out.  Well,
I love it!  I can SEE the SKY!  One window looks upon trees.

Our neighbor has a big yard light that lights up the inside of
these branches at night.  It is a beautiful sight!  Also, in the
fall, the colors of the leaves are incredible!

The other window, I call the window on heaven.

Sometimes DH will move his chair around at the kitchen table
so we can sit together and watch this window while we are taking
a meal.  Sometimes we are just silent, watching a cloud go by.
Other times, we get right excited as big black clouds move in
our direction.  We love our windows on the sky!

This is what is going on the outside of my kitchen right now.    

That's DH up on the scaffolding. That man is not afraid of anything!
I better run get him a glass of ice tea!

Thank you for staying with me on this post.  I didn't want to present
a country kitchen in my last post, when in fact the kitchen is
very modern, and I hope, a little trendy.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. Love it! It is so bright and I love all the windows. Looks like a great place to enjoy a great meal!! Relaxing and a down to earth home feeling!