Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Entry Way Makeover at the Old Homeplace

We are at the Old Homeplace now, working on it and loving every
minute. A few weeks ago I showed you my yard sale furniture finds
that I planned to put in the front hall of the house.  I have bought the
creamy yellow paint that I plan to paint this room.  It may be a month
before we finish the outside to get around to this room.  But it does
feel more comfortable now.

We are still "camping out" in the house, but it is more like having
a simple lifestyle.  I love it! Now with furniture in the hall, I feel more
comfortable inviting guests in. Many of the rooms are still empty.
There is much to do outside, so we are focusing on that first.
Hope everyone has a sweet day.  I am doing laundry, cooking apples,
and cleaning our back porch today.  A day of sheer bliss:-)


1 comment:

  1. Your day sounds just perfect! I love what you have done with the hall so far!