Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abbeville, SC - Lots of Old Homes!

Would you like to take a walk with us this lovely sunny afternoon?
I'm visiting Abbeville, SC today and we are walking down North
Main Street one mile on one side of the street, crossing, and coming
one mile back.  We will pass by 32 of the most beautiful old homes!
I've driven this mile many times over the past thirty years and always
said some day I was going to park the car and just walk by each one.
Today is the day!  Please join us on our walk.  (This is a long post.)

At the beginning of  N. Main is the Burt - Stark Mansion.  Jefferson
Davis held his last war counsel here where it was agreed the cause
was lost.  Lots of history is in this house. Yes, this is a very old town.

This beautiful home is right next door.

Can you see the little doors that open under the windows upstairs?

What a welcoming front door!

A most inviting door!

A beautiful home that looks to have had some updates and new paint!

What a large, beautiful home!  Notice the stairs on the side.
I love this cottage!  The steps are made of rock. 
This cottage is directly across the street.
Next is a large home that is now a bed and breakfast.

I love this green home.  My first house as a new bride was green!
This beautiful home makes me think of big soft country beds for a nap!
This craftsmen style home is for sale.  What a beautiful porch! Here is
another view of the porch.

This is a bed and breakfast.  I couldn't remember the name of the
other one in town, so I won't post the name of this one.  But what
a lovely home with beautiful grounds!
I'm pretty tired of walking by now.  That swing in the yard is looking
pretty good about now!
We have seen many beautiful homes on N. Main today, but this is
one of my favorite.  I don't know why.  It just looks like home.

How lovely nestled among the trees.  This looks like another home
that would have a big country bed in it.  I must be getting really tired
from walking to be thinking about taking a nap!  I need to work out
more if I'm going to take walks like this;-)

WOW! How beautiful!

And next door.......Does Mark Twain live here?

This house is almost at the end of our walking tour and is close to town.

The last house on our walking tour is the McGowan House and was
donated to the town of Abbeville. It is beautiful on the inside.

I've been inside this house on a house tour about ten years ago.
I don't know why the columns and porches were ever painted black.
Maybe one day I can post an "after" picture for this home.

We are back at our starting point.  There is one more home I want
to show you.  It is the most inviting of all!
Of course, the house is painted blue.......a blue cottage :-)  Let's
sit down awhile and rest our dogs!  Thank you for joining us on our
walking tour!  I loved this afternoon!  Hope you enjoyed it, too!

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Outdoor Wednesday posts!


  1. What lovely old homes and what an assortment of styles. We love driving by neighborhoods when visiting a new town and just looking at the architecture! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Lottie - I so enjoyed your tour of homes! I love old homes with wrap around porches. We don't see much of that here in So Cal. I wouldn't mind living in the yellow house with huge white southern style! What a fun tour!

  3. So many beautiful homes. Thank you for sharing them with us. One thing I like about old homes that are coming back in style and that is porches. So many years I have seen new homes with no porches, but lately I am seeing new ones with them again. I am so happy that we have a front and back porch.


  4. Thanks for the walking tour today! I have died and gone to heaven! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old homes!

  5. I love architecture and you did an amazing job at showing so many beautiful versions. Thanks you.

  6. What a beautiful homes and lovely town. Thank you for the tour!

    ~ Tracy

  7. Those are beautiful homes. Thank you for taking us there. I enjoyed so much all your beautiful pictures.

    Have a great weekend.
    Sorry for the late visit.

  8. My wife and I love your town and it is our first post on our travel blog

    hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed the great photos of your town