Monday, November 28, 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

Times have been busy at My Blue Cottage!  But I found a little time
to put up a few decorations on Saturday.  Would you like a little
tour?  I would love to show you around!  I finished the tree on
Saturday.  It is a just right tree for my family.  Not too fancy.

My mantle decorations are simple, too.  Candlesticks, baskets, and
this and that.

I love wreaths.  I didn't take pictures of all of them.  Here are just
a few.

Every year we have to have something tacky!  This year we hung
snowflakes off the roof next to the deck and a blinking star! LOL!
Of course, every year we have deer in the front yard.
Thank you for visiting with us today!  I used  to decorate "bigger",
and I don't know what happened.  I guess I feel very happy with 
what I have now.  No need to go "bigger".

I do love going on house tours, especially at Christmas.
Thank you for sharing your homes on your blogs!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take the Road Less Traveled

We have lived here thirty-three years and always turned right on this
country road.  Today DH and I were wanderers.  When we came
to the crossroads, we turned left and took the road less traveled
by (us). Two miles later, we were crossing a new bridge! Beside it
was the old bridge that has been converted for fishing.

DH thought the rusty old bridge was beautiful!

Wow!  When I looked at it through his eyes, it was beautiful!
"Look for beauty and you will find it!" ....Sara Teasdale

What a beautiful day we had together. "I took the road less
traveled by and that has made all the difference."  ...Frost

Next time, turn left instead of right and see what you will find!