Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yearly Pilgrimage

At least once I year, we have to go to the country for some
great cooking.    And what good eats you will find there! 
In the middle of South Carolina, you will find a great little
place to eat, called Grits and Groceries.  The owner once
had a restaurant in New Orleans, but moved home to convert
an old store at Saylor's Crossroads, SC into one of the best
restaurants in the south.
 And talk about real food, done real good....the food is
incredible!  And talk about ambiance!!!!!!
Here is DH standing in the front door.
We drive 40  miles to eat here at least once a year, and 
every time we do we love it!  My favorite is the 
homemade pimento cheese sandwich!   And of course,
the glass of sweet tea with it is not bad either!

It's spring and we went on our yearly pilgrimage!
Thanks for coming along with us.  Where do you
go every year?


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anticipation - Long Hard Winter Gone

When I come home from work at 4pm, I walk up the driveway
and check on my spring bulbs.  This is how they looked today!
So, I'm pretty excited about spring coming.  One of my students
told me Friday she was looking forward to the warm weekend,
because this had been such a "long, hard, winter."  She is
only sixteen but still she recognizes that this has been an
especially hard winter.  Still....I have some tricks to keep
my spirits up.  First,  I don't see how anyone can do without
beautiful pansies all winter.

and Lenten Rose
and of course, I keep a calendar.
Even my February calendar is in bloom!  
Spring will be here soon.  Oh, the