Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Look at Leaves!

I love this time of year when Thanksgiving is over and we still
have beautiful colors of fall.  Many houses in my neighborhood
have already put up their Christmas decorations and lights with
leaves still falling.  Take a walk with me.  Let's look at leaves...

There are leaves everywhere today.  It rained last night and
no one is out making noise with a leaf blower or raking.
And it is just like magic outside with leaves everywhere!
Leaves everywhere.  How wonderful to just enjoy them for one
day out of the year instead of trying to rake them up.

Leaves everywhere outside my front door!

Leaves everywhere around the woodpile in the back yard.
Leaves all over the deck and chairs......they seem to belong.

We'll rake tomorrow.  Today we will just enjoy the leaves.

Thank you for walking with me to look at leaves.


PS, if  you're over my way tomorrow, I have an extra rake
and leaf blower.  We can look at the leaves again! :-D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Usually at this point in the Thanksgiving holiday, I am so frantic
from planning, cooking, and cleaning that it is crying time.  Not
so this year.  I am calm and feeling pretty good.

This year, because of medical issues, I can't cook the big
traditional dinner so my DH is doing it.  But my DSs asked
for a different menu.  They asked for broccoli and spinach
salad!  What sweethearts! 

Since May 8th, I've lost 37 pounds.  That is seven months
of healthy eating.  I never wrote down a single food, calorie
or carb.  I feel so much better!  I still have 40 pounds to
go so I'm half way there!  I still have diabetes but things
are better.  Here is what I did.

1.  Eat three vegetables every day. (Most important!)

2.  Eat three fruits every day. (Raw and colorful!)
3.  Drink 2 glasses of skim milk. ( I chose organic milk.)
4.  Eat a serving of lean protein every meal.
5.  In my mind, I counted 2 or 3 carb servings each meal.
Such as blueberries, a roll, broccoli, tomatoes and chicken is
2 carbs.
6.  Walk around the block 2 or 3 times each day you can.

No stress.  That was the important thing.  And eating for
vitamins and the nutrients was the goal.  So, because of
Thanksgiving dinner, we don't want to change our focus.
Oh, and DH is cooking the turkey this year!  What a

Everyone enjoy time with your families!
(It is really not about the food.)