Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shopping for a New/Old Couch

Well, we went shopping for a new/old couch for the living room.  Since
our old homeplace was built in 1907, I needed something that fit the
style of a  house over 100 years old, but not falling apart.  I went
shopping in all the wrong places, two house museums in Eufaula, AL.
I'll post more about them at another time.  Would you like to join us!
We would love your company and of course, your ideas, too.

Here we go.  I need something in the range of 1880 to 1910.  This is
beautiful but DH would never go for it:-)

This color is very nice, but what if we have three people who want
to sit down?  Who sits in the middle?  Might be me, so this is a no.

Now we are talking!  I love this one.  I wonder if they would give
me a discount if I take the marble floor, too :-)

This is DH's favorite.  I liked it, too!  It was actually very comfortable,
firm, but comfortable.  This may be the one.

Very masculine, very dark, and probably the best fit for the style
of the old homeplace.  Would look better in the hall than the
front room.

This was absolutely beautiful, but the museum director wouldn't
let us sit on it.  Buyer beware!

Now that same said director literally pushed us into this sofa!
Boy, was it like sitting on a rock!  Comfort is important to us, too.
The pushy director was ready to throw it on our truck!

Then I saw this beauty!  I love it!  This would fit!  I could line
up all my men folk on it while they watch Alabama football!

I think this will be the one.  The style goes perfectly with the
house and I have another settee with matching chairs in this color.

Then I showed DH this beautiful curved sofa that would fit
perfectly.  He stood there a  minute and looked at it hard.
Then he said, "Get the green one."

So we are sleeping on the decision.  Of course, all of these
sofas belong to the museums and are not for sale, but it was
the most fun to pretend shop. 

Hope you have a great week ahead of you.   Thank you for
joining us today!  We enjoyed your company.

We visited Shorter Mansion and Fendal Hall
to find furniture of the style we needed.  Visit both anytime you
are in Eufaula, Al.  You will be amazed:-)


  1. What fun you had!!! I would Craigs List sofas and perhaps you can come up with something nice. Here, on the prairie, I often see Duncan Phyfe sofas for sale reasonably and I've even seen Queen Anne ones (from the 30"s) at not bad prices -- of course, you'd have to reupholster them, but . . .

    Let us know what you decide!

  2. Lottie ~ I'd go crazy for that sweeping white corner sofa! That is gorgeous!

    Have a lovely safe 4th ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. I love the white corner one too, but would have to have another color. I would freak out that someone would dirty it up. This is coming from my days of being a mechanics wife. HA! HA!