Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fendall Hall, Eufaula, AL Part 1 of 4

DH and I have done our share of camping and adventure type
vacations when our two sons were growing up.  We both loved
to tour old houses, but the boys absolutely hated it!  Can you
imagine two little blond haired boys having to keep their hands
by their sides, listen politely to a tour guide, not run, not talk,
not scream, not, not, not..... so we stopped going on house tours.
Now, in our golden years, we are trying to do what we love.

Would you like to go along with us today? We woud love to
have your company.  Remember, no running, no screaming, no:-)

The houses in Eufaula, AL, have been on our wish list for many years.
Here we are visiting Fendall Hall, which was built in 1860.  It is
restored and interpreted to the 1880 - 1916 occupancy of the home.

The Young family was rich enough to have murals painted in their
foyer.  It was 1860, cotton was king, and this family regularly
traveled by boat from Alabama to New York City!

Ladies' Parlor

Pocket Doors into Formal Dining Room

Dining Room Ceiling

Next is the Informal Family Dining Room

(I love this room!)

and on the opposite wall is the china cabinet.

Let's go into the Gentleman's Parlor next.

I think I like it better than the ladies' parlor.  Let's go upstairs and see the bedrooms.

DH is looking at the picture rail next to the ceiling.

This is a beautiful house with beautiful antiques!
As we were walking through, we saw
something very, very valuable!

Yes, look at that gutter system!  I asked
DH why we didn't put a metal gutter like
this on our internal gutters and he said
because we couldn't afford it.  (DH has
been painstakingly laboring to repair
our internal gutters for two summers.)
So of all the beautiful rooms, and furniture,
the one thing I wish I could take home is the
new metal gutters on Fendall Hall.

I have to remember the rules......
no running and no screaming!

I hope you enjoyed getting ideas from our little trip.  Thank you for
joining us!  We are back at the old homepace today and DH is
painting the front hall.  Have a good week and always remember,
love the house you're in!



  1. A beautiful house -- thanks for sharing.

  2. First, before I forget--it is cool what you said on my post about your postcard collection! how wonderful to have ones from your Mom's travels!! Have you shown them on your blog?

    I love the chandelier, the ceiling, and the pocket doors in these pictures. I am not into the dark heavy beds, but they still are nice. The family dining area looks cozy. Hey? you didn't show the kitchen, did you---that is one place I would love to see!

  3. The house has no kitchen. When it was originally built, the kitchen was detached. In later years, a newer kitchen was built onto the house, but when the house was restored as a museum in the 70s, the newer kitchen was removed because it did not match.

  4. I just LOVE the bed in one picture. This house is absolutely stunning!!