Friday, May 27, 2016

DYI Curtains for side lights

 Our 1907 house in Alabama has beautiful lead glass side lights in the front door!  We've left them without curtains because the light is gorgeous in the morning coming through the beveled lead glass. 

But someone ringing the doorbell can see right in when I come down the hall in my pajamas.  So we set about making curtains for the side windows.  $5 for two little white rods for the top, $5 for a sheer panel, and $5 for fabric glue.  We cut the single sheer in half, cut the length and used fabric glue to hem it.  Done!

 There it is!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Everything Has A Story - Chest of Drawers

In 1982, we bought this chest of drawers in Greenville, South Carolina at an antique furniture store for $176.  It was for our newborn baby boy.

My mother made the blue checked scarf on top out of the blue fabric I sewed for curtains.  Oh how I remember folding his little clothes in the drawers.

When our son was two years old, I walked into his room and he had pulled out the drawers just enough so he could climb up the drawers and sit on top, dangling his legs!  
"Oh no you don't", I said and moved the chest of drawers into my room, for the next thirty-two years!

My dear son grew to be a fine man and was working 350 miles away from us in Virginia when he mentioned that he was looking for a small dresser for his upstairs apartment.  It was time to move it back to his room :-) 

Many bloggers write about how they are downsizing at this time of their lives and how much better they feel after doing it! I was so happy giving this piece of furniture to my son.

When we took the chest of drawers to his home and he folded his clothes in the drawers, I felt my heart smile!  

Everything has a story!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Retirement is a funny situation to be in.  It is like you are enjoying life on the one hand and feeling guilty for being so happy on the other. I used to write long lists of what I had to do each day and never stopped working until the list was all checked off.  That made for some late nights.  But this year, my third year of retirement, I've stopped making lists.  And I'm amazed at how happy I have become. 

I let a lot of things go now.  My dear husband will tell you I stopped cooking and buying groceries and planning menus.  I stopped when I had health issues but things are getting better.  My one regret in life is that I stressed out over everything in life ...everything... and didn't enjoy life more when I was younger.

The only problem is that now dear husband is stressing out over the cooking and grocery buying, let alone the planning for meals! Poor man!  He has other things to do on his to-do lists since he is retired.

I spend a lot of time relaxing in the shade on the deck dear husband built for us.  I love the geraniums he planted! Most of all, I love the swing he put together for me for Mother's Day!  That is where I read!  And there goes those lists again...lists of books to read!

I'm spending HOURS each day in this swing reading biographies of famous people I was curious about when I was younger but never had the time to read just for pleasure.  Currently from the library,  I'm reading Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow My Life: Sophia Loren.  I've just finished  Miles Gone By : William F. Buckley, Jr. and Leonard: My Fifty-year Friendship with a Remarkable Man by William Shatner.  I have Bring On The Empty Horses: David Niven waiting on my desk to start.

Although I am enjoying all this down time and my health issues are improving, I feel rather like a "lazy lady".  I feel like I should be making those lists again and being more active.  Maybe ease back into it!  Maybe take dear husband out to lunch when he takes me back to the library to return all those biographies! 

Do you become a "lazy lady" and read for hours?  Do you read biographies?

Have a wonderful day!