Saturday, April 19, 2014

Funny shopping with DH

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Now for the funny!

Since DH and I have been retired, we spend a lot of time together.  I love him with all my heart and after 40 years he is still my hero. But sometimes he embarrasses the fire out of me.  For instance, yesterday we went to my favorite department store, JCPenny.  I was looking for pretty spring blouses and pants with DH.  I found some beautiful pastel blouses and we carried a handful to the dressing room.  There was a bench outside the dressing room and he sat there in his ball cap, sunglasses and holding my orange purse. I tried on one blouse that looked great so I came out of the dressing room to show him.  But he wasn't there!  Then I saw him far across the clothing department talking to a little salesgirl in the handbag section.  He turned and saw me .... and in a deep and LOUD voice that carried across the store, he asked,

" Hey, Honey!  What size pants do you wear?" 

I froze!  Did he really expect me to holler the size back? 

The little salesgirl came running across the store (she understood) and told me she would find someone to help us. DH was trying to be my hero again and find some pants for me to try on!  After our shopping trip he took me out for BBQ for lunch and all was forgiven!

Has anything funny happened to you while shopping?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Day at Home

I love being home in the Spring.

However, I had the opportunity to travel for 10 days on a wonderful trip!  I didn't go.  Some of my family did go.  Every night the phone rings and I hear about what a great adventure everyone had that day.  But I couldn't be happier staying at home.

Dog in the window.

You see, this is the week the azaleas bloom.  

Next year I'll go on a trip, but this year I just wanted to be home
and laugh with the azaleas!

And enjoy the wonderful banana bread my sweet neighbor baked! 

Who wants to travel the world when you can stay home and your neighbor hands you a hot loaf of banana bread just out of the oven across the fence .... yum!

Hope you enjoy your Spring days!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April in Washington, GA & Old Houses

It's April and time for a"pilgrimage" to Washington, Ga.  For years, we have visited this sweet little town outside of Athens, GA.  To be honest, we love to have lunch on the 1st Saturday in April at the First United Methodist Church.  There is always a Tour of Homes.  Here are a few pictures of homes around town not on the tour and I'll post a few on the tour at the end. 

This house has a beautiful side porch in the back.  Very ornate .....

Next are three homes that were on the tour.  I was so overwhelmed I forgot to take pictures of the others.

The 1894 Inn

Fireplace mantel in living room in 1894 Inn

 1886 Granade Home

1827 Wisteria Hall

And here are a few interior photos of Wisteria Hall.

Ballroom that runs across the middle of the house.

     Porch off the ballroom and next to the kitchen.

Other side of the porch. (Yes, that is me in the mirror talking.)

Men's parlor or study.

More children's bedrooms ...

Wisteria Hall is named after all the Wisteria growing on the trees in the front and back yard.

We love April in the South.  It was a wonderful day.  Thank you for joining us on our trip!