Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rest This Afternoon

I haven't seen much of DH lately!  He has been busy taking care of all the leaves!  I bring him out a glass of tea or water and we rest together on the swing. Often we don't even talk.  It just feels good to stop and rest together after hard work. Time to go at it again! Much to do before the cold rain starts.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow,
 rest this afternoon.”
                                                                       Charlie Brown's Little Book of Wisdom

Monday, November 3, 2014

Moving Around the Yard Slowly

I've been preoccupied with yard cleanup after DH moved two buildings to the back yard.  He is organizing everything in his buildings and garage.  I'm proud of all he is doing but it is "Man's World," and I'm finished with it! LOL!

 I hurt my foot so I moved around the yard slowly yesterday. Sardis watched me and wanted to come outside so bad.  I couldn't hold the camera and him and hobble along all at the same time.

The camellias in the front yard are just beautiful in the fall. 

No freeze yet!

The back yard is decked out still for summer, but it is too cool now.

Quietly and slowly the weather changes.

My flower bed will go to sleep soon.

And all the time sweet Sardis is waiting at the door to walk with me.  I have to rest a while and get off my foot.  I'm afraid winter will get here before I am well enough to take long walks again.  Wait on me, dear November.

Goof!  (The photographer can be seen in the reflection in the glass.)


Sunday, September 28, 2014


Ok, so I obviously have problems where computers are involved :-)

My computer is down so I'm using my husband's computer which is "different" than mine.  So I'm slowing down on posting until I get his figured out!  Here are the news!

BIG PROJECT!  For the last few weeks we have been tearing down a shed and adding two utility buildings. It has been a total reorganization out in the back yard.  I have loads of pictures, not pretty, but much about the transformation.  I'll post about the big project after my computer is fixed.

FOUND A GREAT BLOG about home restoration called Manhattan Nest.  I enjoyed the writing and projects so much that I spent "hours" reading about projects!

LIFE'S LESSON - I have a wonderful neighbor who is 94 years old and one of the most positive people I know!  She is going in the hospital on Tuesday for a serious operation.  So what does she do before she goes in the hospital?  Why, go to the mountains to see waterfalls! 

Reminded me of the saying, "When times get tough, the tough go on vacation!"

UPDATE My neighbor is recovering at home and doing great!  Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.

Have a great week ahead!