Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Be Greek for a Day!

We LOVE going to the Greek Festival in Greenville, SC!  The
festival lasts several days but we drove up just today and it was
Of course, there was the food....
Pastichio, Dolmades, Mousaka, Spanakopeta, and Calamari.......Oh my goodness!
There was inside dining with music and outside dining...WITH 
LIVE MUSIC!  Just listen! 
And then there was the best part of of Saint George
Greek Orthodox Cathedral.
 This is the side view.  We had the most wonderful tour.

This is the 1992 cathedral.  Here are some panels from the
1940 small church that was rebuilt as a downstairs chapel.

Really, the best part was just relaxing with DH and listening
to the music! 

We all need time away from work to "nurture ourselves" and
regenerate!  Take time!