Saturday, June 19, 2010

Would you like join us on a little trip today as we travel to Anniston,
Alabama?   We are visiting one of the most sacred and beautiful
places in  Alabama,  The Church of St Micheal and All Angels.
DH is waiting on me to come in so I'll show you some of the inside.

The marble is from Italy.  This church was built in 1880.  There is
more on the interesting history on the link above.  A very wealthy
family who owned the iron works built the church so their workers
from England would have a place to worship.  And what a place!
Here are the pipes for the pipe organ.  There are many more larger
ones that I didn't get a picture of because ... they were big!

All the angels looked toward the cross.

A Tiffany window.  Then there are all the other windows..........
Here are a few.

Then there are the beautiful doors as you enter ...........

This place is so beautiful, there is no way to capture it with a camera,
at least by this photographer.  Here are some more pictures.

And here are some pictures of the beautiful grounds.

There goes DH back in to get our son.  I have never attended a
worship service but have been here several times for a tour.  The
first time I came here was the most memorable!  I was seventeen
and had been asked out on a date by a handsome, twenty-one year
old artist. Well, I thought it was the most romantic afternoon I had
ever spent, taking a tour of this beautiful church and then walking the
grounds, talking with this handsome young man.  It was DH and I
knew I would marry him one day.  It has been 38 years now and it
makes me feel so good that our son loves to visit this church also.

Thank you for going on a visit with us today. Hope you are having a
great Sunday and Father's Day.  Have a great week ahead!


  1. Oh How Lovely! Thanks for sharing your photos :)
    I love visiting and photographing churches. Big ones, little ones, fancy ones, simple ones. They are all awesome!

  2. I stopped for your PS post, but I found this so nice I had to comment here! This church is gorgeous, and the stain glass is breathtaking. It reminds me of the churches I visited in Ireland!

  3. This is so wonderful. I love, love, going into old beautiful churches. I love all of the old ones in Charleston. We still have not visited all of them yet! How romantic that you went on a date with your hubby there!!! COOOOOL!

  4. That was beautiful church, and a beautiful story!