Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love Red - Kitchen table

I'm linking up with Rednesday today.
I featured some pink mixing bowls on Beverly's Pink Saturday at
How Sweet the Sound.  I use them all the time.  I am using them today
with red plums.  But my red checked tablecloth is my red for today!

The plums in the bowl, the squash pickles and canned pears all
come from my parents-in-law's farm.  DH did the hot peppers!

My vintage cupboard is original to the kitchen.  My house smock is
hanging on the side.  DH and I eat some fantastic breakfasts here!

Now before you go, I want to show you a beautiful red house that
is just down the street!  Have a great week!  I've fallen in love
with RED :-)  Love, Lottie


  1. A very comfortable kitchen with the cabinet, the red and white tablecloth and the canned things. Looks like home!

  2. Your kitchen give the old fashion look, which is what I know best. I love it and the red house.

  3. Oh I love redchecked tablecloths and this looks so inviting on that table with the beautiful cabinet in the backgroud. I love how changing a tablecloth can change up a room. Unfortunately when I change a cloth in my fireplace dining area I often end up changing stuff in my kitchen and lower living room to try to get it all to go (kindof!) together.happy rednesday!

  4. How cozy and warm your dining area looks. Love your red plums in the pink bowl and, of course, who doesn't love some red gingham on the table! Cute little red house in the neighborhood too.

  5. It looks so beautiful. I was never a red fan until I started to blog and now I am adding red to my home too. Just brighten the rooms up.


  6. I had to go back and check out your Pink Saturday post. I love those bowls, and the cupboard too!
    Those red checked tablecloths are always a favorite of mine. They just say home to me, and your kitchen looks so cozy! And that red house? Oh my goodness, how lovely!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. Your hutch is so wonderful and your table looks so inviting! Wishing I could have a plum right now. :) Your neighbors house is so charming! Love all the gingerbread around the eaves.

    Happy Rednesday,

  8. Your kitchen looks so cozy. I love that red house. Amazing. This is my first time to your blog. I liked reading your posts...thanks for sharing!

  9. Your kitchen is divine! I am loving the home canned goodness on the table (and I love, love, love the cupboard)!

  10. A very enjoyable Rednesday visit. I love your hutch and table, and isn't that house adorable. :) Enjoy the tasty treats from your DH.

  11. I love the tablecloth, it is so perfectly vintage! And the wonderful cupboard as well...but that house!!!!!! Any chance you can get to know the neighbors so we can have atour! is so cute!

  12. Your table and hutch are so pretty. Ya just want to pull up a chair. That "Scarlet Lady" is a beautiful victorian. I'w always those gingerbread houses.