Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Creatures - Outdoor Adventures

Warning! This post contains pictures of animals
in the snow. (Includes tame, wild and fake)
What a beautiful week!
But what did the animals think about it?
Elizabeth watched the snow out the bay window everyday.  I
know she was wondering when it would all go away.

The little blue cottage was snowed in, too!  I wish I had
thought to have someone fill it with food for the birds before the snow.

Sardis loved the snow!  He thought it was play time!
I think this squirrel was bored because he/she stayed on this
branch looking IN the window at us!
This little buddy was slipping and sliding everywhere!  He stopped
running when he was able to get some traction.  Again, this is by the
bay window so he/she can watch us inside the house.

Now, for the fake animals......
The deck squirrels stayed put the whole snow.  I 
think they liked it!
The deck bunnies still have a front row seat!
The front door dog kept his cool!

And the back door frog kept everyone safe.
(My son says when you start checking on fake animals,
you might be an old lady! He just might be right! ;-D

Hope you are having a good week!  See other pictures of
Outdoor Wednesday at Southern Daydreamer.  Stay warm!


  1. Hee! Hee! Hee! I love it!! We had snow here last night, too. Our yellow lab loves snow, and is highly offended if the kids don't invite her along to play in the snow and sled. Nobody has convinced her she isn't a kid....yet.

  2. That was a fun post. Your real tame animals are beautiful. Your wild animals are really smart to try to guilt you into throwing some food out and your stone animals are darling and low maintenance.

  3. all the cute photos!

  4. So cool!! You really captured it all so well. Great pictures.

  5. I love your blog. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it. I would like to award you the Stylish Blogger award. Please stop by my blog to grab it!

  6. squirrels are such a hoot. thanks for sharing these fun pics!

  7. I love your winter pictures and they are so cute. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog.