Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions and Wants for 2011

"An unexamined life is not worth living."    Socrates

This year I took a little more time to think about my New Year's
resolutions.  I wanted to make sure I really "resolve" to do the
things I come up with.  So here goes...

1,  To eat "real" food this year.  I resolve to eat healthy whole
      foods and try to eliminate 99%  of processed food.  I plan
      to continue learning about healthy eating and make changes
      in our diet, such as whole wheat flour instead of white.
      (I've done this for five months and lost over 30 pounds
      so why not do it again in 2011.)

2.  To not procrastinate by over thinking decisions.  I will
      put a time limit on my "thinking" and a due date on my
      final decision.  I often think about going on vacation
      for a whole year and then three days before I go I still
      don't have definite plans where to go or where to stay.
3.  To reach out to people more.  I tend to be a little shy
     and enjoy a quiet day alone.  So I plan to use my
     telephone and check on people more.  My mother had
     a great telephone outreach while she was living.  She
     had a way of keeping everyone connected!

I think three resolutions are enough to work on during the
year, but I have three little "wants" for 2011
1.   I want to build more fun into our lives.  We often work
      hard all week so we can come home on the weekend and
      work hard at home.  Work, work, work!    
2.  I want to stop and recognize beauty everyday.  The sky in
     the morning is spectacular!  The gray clouds in a winter
     sky are majestic.  I want to feel the "wind" blowing my
     hair when I walk down to the mailbox.  This is real life!
     Stop and live it!
3.  I want to take the time to tell people I love them (because
     I do), or squeeze their hand because they are special (they

So, this is where my thinking is.  I've enjoyed reading all the
New Year's Resolutions on other blogs and I felt like I wanted
to open my heart in this post.


Spectacular Morning Sky 
(during morning commute to work)



  1. Oh Lottie, I love this post. You are right we really do need to take time to appreciate our blessings and the simple things. Life is to short to work ALL the time. I need to remember that, especially since my kid's are growing up and I have one who will be leaving the nest soon. I totally agree about eating whole foods; that is another goal I want to accomplish this year, too. Thank you for sharing your heart! Your a wise and wonderful person!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have some good plans for 2011!

  3. What perfect resolutions and wants. I need all those things in my life also. Thanks for sharing things that are so close to your heart!!