Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anticipation - Long Hard Winter Gone

When I come home from work at 4pm, I walk up the driveway
and check on my spring bulbs.  This is how they looked today!
So, I'm pretty excited about spring coming.  One of my students
told me Friday she was looking forward to the warm weekend,
because this had been such a "long, hard, winter."  She is
only sixteen but still she recognizes that this has been an
especially hard winter.  Still....I have some tricks to keep
my spirits up.  First,  I don't see how anyone can do without
beautiful pansies all winter.

and Lenten Rose
and of course, I keep a calendar.
Even my February calendar is in bloom!  
Spring will be here soon.  Oh, the 


  1. There isn't a prettier sight in the world than green shoots poking through the ground after a long winter! They always make me want to start poking around in my garden!

  2. I checked on mine today, nothing yet...but we are suppose to have highs in the 50's all week so I am hoping by next weekend I will see what u see!

  3. I really need to plant some bulbs in the fall this year. I have finally gotten my veggies and flower seeds, so I will be planting them indoors. I love this time of the year. Spring is just around the corner. Happy Valentine Day Lottie.

  4. I have never grown lenten rose, I must try some. I love pansies too. Your plants are so healthy looking and pretty.
    I still want one more snow though. We didn't get much this year, just one good one and I'll be ready for spring.

  5. Yes and it was 74 here on Monday and will be 76 on Friday! WOW what a nice break!!