Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Snow is Coming!

This is my view out my kitchen window at 5pm.  
Those are snow clouds behind those trees.  The weatherman
says the snow will be here at 9 pm tonight!  We have prepared all day!

In the South, we don't do snow well.  Really, we don't do snow!
We can't drive in it and we don't know what to do but prepare.
So we go to the grocery store.  Yes, I've gone twice!
We go to Sam's. Yes, I've stocked up today.
And we go to the Dollar General Store.  Have to stock up
on everyday things.  We have to prepare because we are afraid.

What are we afraid of?  The darkness, of course...
Why sometimes the power goes off....for days!
And the roads are not clear .... for days!

So in order to prepare, we shop and eat out.
After all, we may be cooped up with our relatives... for days!

This is what I found at Dollar General today on the markdown.

A HAPPY HOLIDAYS plate for 37 cents!

OK snow, come on....I'm prepared!

SNOW *********

(Really, we ARE scared of snow
here in the south.  It overwhelms us!)
Hope you have a good week!


  1. I have lived in the snow area all my I'm not scared of it...well maybe of skiding into someone or sliding off the road. I drive careful...a little old lady I am. My sister lives in NC and she goes without power at time and they miss days of ork.. I always say I wished it just wouldn't snow on raods but in the fields...when cows fly.

  2. We're supposed to get snow as well -- starting early tomorrow morning -- we're not as good with snow as those in the North but not as bad with snow as those in the South -- I'm planning on staying INSIDE tomorrow!!! (I have a chicken to roast -- the house should smell heavenly!)

  3. So do you still have power and did you get the snow or ice too? Let me know. So far where I live in SC we have had a bit of sleet and a few flurries, but mostly rain! I heard Wilmington got ten inches (that is what the weather channel said--I am wondering if they made a mistake on that---guess I should go google it ). Kim from nannykim