Monday, January 10, 2011

The Power of Three

It snowed!  We got 6 inches and the world is beautiful! I stayed
inside and organized and cleaned.  My son (26) was home today,
too. Maybe it was cabin fever, but he moved things around on the
mantle in the kitchen. 

I told him I didn't like the new mantle and he gave me a lecture
on symmetry in engineering.  I told him decorating was a little
different.  I explained about the power of grouping three objects.
He didn't believe me so I waited till he left to change it back.

Then I started looking around the house.  I saw where I could
make some changes by grouping things together.  I didn't see it
before but now with the Christmas decor put up, I can see it.

I thought the top of this corner cabinet could be improved on.

So I grouped three pieces of folk pottery together.  I love the
look now.
I grouped three photos in three different frames across the
top of the train cabinet on the opposite wall of the den.  It
may have looked better with three different heights, but this
is what I had to work with on a snowy afternoon.

It is funny how we have such busy lives that we sometimes
don't notice our surroundings.  This was fun!  What are you
doing on your snow days?


  1. I enjoyed this post. I have been spending some of my snow days deep cleaning and getting rid of the things we do not need. I also spend a lot of time reading and reflecting. I enjoy the winter months. :)

  2. I'm cleaning!!!! But it's part of my Jan clean not a snow day clean!!!! I like what you've done -- the jugs are perfect on top of that cabinet!