Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink Saturday! Syracuse China

Happy Pink Saturday!
This is about the best Christmas gift I have ever received!
DH was with me when I saw it in a little dark antique shop
on a shopping trip 40 miles away early in December.  I
thought this was the most beautiful dish I had ever seen.

I didn't buy it because I was being practical that day.  DH,
after 38 years of marriage, knew I would never forget it.
So, one day before Christmas, he drove back to that shop
(80 miles round trip) to buy me this beautiful $3.00 dish!

What a sweetie!
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Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. Your plate is beautiful and so perfect for Pink Saturday ... what a lovely testimony to love. Thanks for sharing your special gift.
    ~ Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  2. What a great buy for $3 but more important is that you have someone that loves you that much to make the effort to make you so happy. You are very fortunate!

  3. Ahhhhh! How romantic ... may I borrow him? The plate is gorgeous! I'd have gone back for it, too. Enjoy!

    Have a beautiful PS weekend.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  4. That is what you call true love and deep devotion. A wonderful gift of a husband and dish.

  5. That is so romantic. What a sweetie.

  6. what a lovely plate! love the colour and the posy in the middle! lovely!

  7. That is beautiful and the story behind is priceless!

  8. Pretty plate and VERY sweet, thoughtful husband. Happy PS!

  9. Your sweetie is a keeper and a wonderful, thoughtful man for doing that for the woman he loves. Happy Pink Saturday to you and yours, Char

  10. What a beautiful plate - and a wonderful husband. Love the fact that you have the lyrics from a Scottish song - Haste Ye Back - on your blog. Very appropriate. Liz