Monday, January 17, 2011

Hall Makeover - Blue Cottage

I love January.  Not only is it a beautiful time of  year, but you
get to stay inside and read....and watch movies ...and drink 
hot chocolate.....and....CLEAN and SHINE your house! YES!
 I washed down my hallway and cleaned all the wainscoting.
(Be careful what you wish for.)
I was talking about polishing the banisters on the stairs when
I turned around and DH had finished them!
Door on the left goes to a full bath downstairs and the door
on the right goes to the kitchen.  The hall mirror was the only
thing I bought for the hall.  Our first home (that would be My
Little Tiny Green Cottage) had no hall.  The sofa table fit 
nicely in here.   
So here is my problem.  The wall on the right has lots of odd
shapes about it (thermostat, doorbell, stairs) and nothing
about it was beautiful.  So I took some things off the walls
from other places in the house and created a special wall.

I love it! 

The plate in the middle is the Syracuse China plate that DH
gave me for Christmas!   The only thing I bought was a $2.76
plate hanger from Micheals for the new plate.  Everything
else I have had for years.

I'll do the rest of the walls another day!  Thanks for dropping
by to see the hall makeover.  Be sure to stop by
Between Naps On the Porch  for Metamorphosis Monday to
see other makeovers!


  1. I love the plates you hung on the wall! Pink is one of my favorite colors.

  2. Everything looks fabulous! Can you come to my house next? :)