Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Travel Part 1 - Martin, Georgia

Sometimes it is good to get out and see a new perspective on things.
That is when I grab my DH and the truck keys and go on a trip.
We visited a little town in north Georgia called Martin.

Martin is a beautiful little town with a railroad track running through
the middle of it.  Stop with us awhile and take a little break.  Enjoy
the quiet and the shade trees.  Here are a few of the houses we saw.

Next door to this house is a beautiful little two story cottage.

Across the street, you see this large clean well kept home.

Then there are mysterious ladies hidden behind the trees.  This is a
large home you will miss if you don't slow down a bit.

This house I can almost hear the screen door sweak open
before I'm handed a cold mason jar full of ice and lemonade!

There is something about Martin that I really like.  I'm not exactly sure
what it is.  But I do like the brick work on the side of one of the store fronts.

This home has a beautiful rock wall in front of it.

Time to get back on the road.  Glad you stopped and took a break
with us!  I'll post more pics of the trip tomorrow.  Until then......


  1. Thanks for all the lovely pictures. What a fun trip! I just love all the old houses. They remind my of stately ladies watching over the town.

  2. What a gorgeous town! I love Victorian homes and miss the grand lady I used to have. Thank you for taking us along with you to Martin, Georgia!