Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Crescent : A Life Line

The Crescent is an Amtrak train that travels from New York to New
Orleans and back again.  It is a life line for DH and I to our families.
At 5:30 am this morning I drove DH to the train station to catch The
Crescent to Birmingham so he can spend some time with his family
and spend this Sunday with his mother.  We packed his suitcases last
night and made sure everything was ready for his trip.

Clemson Station is a beautiful building built in 1916.  A few years ago,
the city of Clemson, SC  was very smart and put some money into
restoring this station with a waiting room.  They made it into a nice
place to visit even if you are not waiting to board a train. Often there
are students from Clemson University waiting with their luggage.

Then we heard the whistle. We waited at the gate excitedly because we
knew any minute the train would come around the curve in the tracks.

Just time for a quick kiss and for DH to board the train.

After DH finds his seat we wave to each other, just like new lovers parting.

My hubby and sons love trains!  I don't love trains, but I do love this
one.  A couple of years ago, DH lost some of his vision and now I do
most of the driving. I am so glad we have the Crescent as another
option than driving.  There is lots of  love involved with this train.
When DH arrives at the end of his trip, his dear sister will pick him up.
Then when he comes home, I will pick him up at midnight.  He seems
to be doing all right traveling.

Again, I am just so thankful for the Crescent!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


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  1. Happy Thursday/ Friday Lottie!! What a fun way to travel, and the best part is that there are loved one on both ends of the line. It doesn't get better than that!