Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still Some Pink Left = Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!

There are only a few pinks in the yard
this week.  The roses are blooming
and the pink azaleas by the front door
are starting to bloom!  I love this time
of day when the work is done and I
can sit on the doorstep and enjoy the

If you have time, visit with Vanessa awhile at Vanilla Lavender. I really
enjoyed her Pink Saturday and entire blog!

For more pink, visit with Beverly at



  1. Thanks Lottie for all the wonderful comments you have made to my blog. I have so many pink roses growing in my yard, but no camera. I had to send it in to be fixed again. Oh Darn. Love yours.


  2. Dear Lottie, your blog makes my day and inspires me! I just love it. Please pop on over to visit my blog soon to receive your Versatile Blogger Award!

  3. Well, the pinks that are left are beautiful! Hope you had a lovely Pink Saturday.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  4. Lottie your home and gardens are just beautiful my friend...I just added you to my follow list...thank you for coming by and being one of my followers hope I don't bore you to death ha ha!! Have a GREAT week my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria