Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Irises 2013

Hello!  Thank you for visiting us today!  We are taking a walk in the backyard to look at the beautiful irises blooming.  DH and I planted this iris bed about six years ago and DH has taken care of it.  We love to see what is blooming each morning and each evening.  Walk with us and enjoy the music, a different take on Love is Blue.

Have a great week! 

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  1. Hi Lottie,
    Your Iris are beautiful! Mine aren't bloomed out yet, should be soon. Have a great rest of your week.

  2. Very pretty Lottie! Aren't gardens such a joy in our lives. I just love being in mine. In fact, DH is working from home today so we had lunch out in the garden.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Loved looking at your Iris, they are a favorite of mine also.

  4. You have some very lovely shades of irises.

  5. Fabulous garden, Lottie. Love the deep purple iris and the yellow - they are always my favourites. I'm anxiously awaiting to see what colour my irises will be - they were a gift last year and didn't bloom yet.

  6. Oh my, what beautiful Iris's! I have a few, but nothing like this. Thanks for stopping by my place, hope you will be back. Is that your home in the picture below?? It is beautiful, whoever it belongs to.

  7. When I opened your blog and saw your header with the beautiful Iris, I actually sighed. Then, I scrolled down to find closeups of these beauties. (I've sighed my way through this post.) What gorgeous photos. I really enjoyed scrolling through your Iris garden. laurie

  8. Oh Lottie, the photos of your Iris flowers are stunning. They are so dainty such beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. ♥

  9. So pretty. Such vibrant colors.

    M :)

  10. what a fantastic variety you have~!!~
    i try to add to mine a little each year but have nowhere near the assortment found here.
    it will be a few weeks before mine begin to bloom so it's wonderful to see yours~!


  11. so pretty and colorful--must be a treat.

  12. I love Iris's and yours are really beautiful, I have some that are just now coming up, the stalks are about 8 inches tall.
    I haven't been here in years to your blog, I saw your name on a post that I did a few years back.
    Have a wonderful spring day!

  13. Oh Lottie, your Iris are beautiful! So many colors, I so want a dark pink one.

  14. Oh my gosh, those are beautiful! Mine didn't bloom this year. I think I might have them planted too deep, or they didn't make it through our heat and drought last year. The leaves came up, but no blooms.