Thursday, April 11, 2013

Form Follows Function - Side Porch Revamp

A few days ago I was writing about my solar lights in pansies when I in the process shared my side porch.  I had to make some changes to the porch because it didn't function well.  I needed a place to put my indoor plants to keep them watered during warm months.  Usually, we just set them on the floor of the side porch, which makes it hard to keep clean.  I bought this (rather flimsy) iron plant stand at Lowes, along with the fern.  This will keep everything together so I can water easier.

I moved the green chair by the door so the bench and water feature would fit on the other side.

I still have plenty of seating.  When neighbors and friends come over we just open the door and invite them inside.  I guess I'm the only one who sits here and listens to the water feature.  And the porch functions well.

Around the corner of the house the azaleas are starting to bloom!  Thank you for visiting today!


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  1. Looks beautiful! We're covered in snow!

  2. What a beautiful home you have. Love what you did to the porch.

  3. Very nice! That azalea is wonderful and so big!! Have a great evening!

  4. Love it,Lottie, looks great!

  5. One thing I really miss from the US are porches. We just do not have them in Holland. What a dream to have one like yours. I would sit there regularly reading or doing handwork and listening to the soothing water. I have two water features in our garden to help drown out the noise of neighbors but also find it so relaxing. Do you sit there and read?

    DH had just seen a plastic bear chair like yours and really liked it. They just started selling them here now. He would love yours.

    I noticed your azalea when I read your last post as it was in your header photo. What a beauty!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. just a few simple changes made all the difference in the world! I have 3 porches and use them all; they are a delight for me.

  7. So very very cozy and quaint, Lottie! I long for blue siding, and pretty flowers blooming against it! Your porch is sweet and serene!