Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden Lights and Other Thoughts

It is in the 80's today and the pansies won't last long.  They have been wonderful this winter.  Dear husband went late to buy them in the fall and dark purple was all that was left.  Oh, how I have loved those dark purple pansies this year.  I added solar charged garden lights to the pots and the night has been magical.

I placed a light in the pansy barrel by the side porch.  After we turn the lights out on the porch, the garden light prevents a stranger in need from falling on the steps.  It also looks beautiful through the window.

The side porch is always in the shade.  I love to sit here in the spring when it is cool.

This year I put two colorful (my favorite colors) plastic deck chairs out with a bench.  My goal was to change the porch but not spend any money.  So I just moved things around.  The water feature had been stored in the shed for over five years (something stored in front of it) so it was nice to have it out again.  The sound of water bubbling is relaxing to me.  Dear husband enjoys it too now that he has stopped looking for a broken water pipe.  Sardis just enjoys being on the porch with us.  He doesn't mind the frog who guards the water feature.

 On the other side of the porch is our park bench.  It only cost $20 new about fifteen years ago.  Dear husband has painted it and replaced the slats in it.  The UPS man always lines up Amazon boxes on this bench. 

This post is titled Garden Lights, so let's go to the deck on the back of the house and look at more lights.

 When I look out my kitchen window at night, I see lights glowing from this pot.   The picture below marks the step down on the deck.

And now to prove that I am a real person and not a robot, here is my deck swing where I sit in the cool evenings!  I moved it diagonally to redecorate.  The background is real, not staged. (Hence, proving I am a real person. LOL!)

Now would you mind stopping on the swing for a minute ? I need to share some thoughts.  I love reading your blogs and looking at the beautiful pictures of your homes.  Lately, I have come across some incredibly well written blogs ... and now I seem to have writer's block.  In fact, I have been on the computer five hours today with this post!  I'm going to stay with it.  It won't be Shakespeare, but it will be me.  Thank you for visiting today!  



  1. Starting over. I lost my first comment thinking I could check my bookmarks for a blog I wanted to tell you about! What you said about writer's block and other blogs...that happens to me all the time as I have discovered incredible ones. Like Gwen Moss. Google that and see if you find it. Let me know if you can't and I'll look it up. After I saw hers I wondered why even blog.

    However, I love seeing when a new post pops up from you and from other blog friends. I just like seeing what you're up to and interested in. It's like I tell my sisters about our emails, just reading what they fixed for supper and what they're reading is what I want to know, everyday stuff.

    And one thing I learned from your blog today is that I simply must get my husband to pick up some of those solar lights. Pansies are so faithful, aren't they? Those little sweet faces. I also love all the wild purple and Confederate violets that are blooming here now.

    Love to you in the little blue cottage,

    1. Yes, Dewena, I have been to Gwen Moss and her blog is great! But that is not the blog that started my writer's block. It was yours, Across the Way, and more specifically the February Faces series. After reading that series every day, I couldn't write a word without feeling like I should hide. Great writing! .


  2. Your porch looks inviting, the flowers are beautiful, and i love the photo of your dog.

  3. We all get writer's block every once in a while, Lottie. I find leaving comments the hardest - how to say something that isn't the same as everyone else's "I love it", "gorgeous", etc. My advice is to just step away from blogging for a couple of days until you feel some inspiration. I took 3 weeks off in February and thought I would never go back. But spring has hit here finally and that gives me a whole new sense of direction.

    The purple pansies looks awesome! (see, not original but heartfelt - lol)

  4. I think this post was worth all the time you put into it! Writing good blog posts takes a good while.
    I may look into a solar light after seeing yours. Thanks.
    I'm very fond of the park bench set into the corner. And a perfect place to drop off packages.
    I like the missing slat in the barrel so the flowers 'tumble out' as they say.
    I am shaking my head - 80s eh? Let's see, it is 40 here just now. Raw. Misty. No pansies. :<)

  5. Well as you know, I am new to your blog Lottie and it is just fine as it is. We are giving each other glimpses into our lives and that is worth reading no matter how humble.

    We are only just planting up our pansies here in Holland. DH came home with 3 trays of 24 pansies in each. Lots of pots being filled...lol. And love your solar lights. We found one in this new garden under plants and bought another that looks like an old fashioned Dickens lantern. DH has dubbed it the lighthouse as it flickers at night like a flame. :-)

    I enjoyed being able to peek into your garden.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Hi Lottie,
    Your purple pansies are just gorgeous, neat idea with the solar lights too. Your little sitting area is wonderful, I just love to sit out on my front porch. Happy Thursday!

  7. Great idea. The flowers really dress up the lanterns. What bright, happy tissue paper. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment, but what tissue paper? Those pansies are the real thing! Have a great day!