Sunday, March 31, 2013

Drive to Abbeville

Its Easter and its just the two of us again.  We took a drive out to Abbeville  to see the spring flowers.  Would you like to join us?   Come along and enjoy the spring blooms!  Dear husband will narrate today.

I so anticipate the warmth of spring.  We all seem to be having an extended winter.  When I see the thrift bloom in front of old houses in the country, it lets me know all the other blooms will follow.  Sometimes you just see thrift where a house ceased to stand and it is only a reminder of what was once there. ...dear husband

Here is thrift on the wall where it accents the house .

But then I look closer and see the flowers in the back!

I don't know what these are called, but ...

I am so glad the grass hasn't been cut.  

The shamrocks are out and will be blooming soon! 

Dear Husband took the pictures and wrote the blog today.  I'm so thankful for him.
I hope you enjoyed our Easter drive.  Thank you for coming along



  1. Hi Lottie,
    Your hubby did a great job with the post. The flowers are beautiful and so are those houses. That first one looks like it needs some TLC, I do hope someone is planning on that, or is it vacant?
    Thanks for sharing and for the beautiful music!

  2. We have those white flowers naturalized in our front yard - don't remember what they are called. We have to wait to cut around that area before they bloom.

    Looks like a lovely drive you guys had.

  3. Gorgeous field, gorgeous house! Thanks for the mini tour!


  4. Hi Lottie! Just visiting you for the first time. What a pretty drive you had. I wish we had blooms coming out but there are only a few first brave bulbed flowers starting to pop out into bloom as they brave the still very cold weather here in Holland.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. I have always loved thrift too. People used to have whole banks of it. I had actually forgotten about it and am already looking around to see where we could use it. Across from my kitchen window would be nice. And the little white flower that naturalizes? We have them too, only they haven't bloomed yet here. I saw recently on Mockingbird Hill blog that a commenter identified them as Star of Bethlehem. I hope that's correct as it is a lovely name for it. I always caution family not to step on it as it is much more than grass!

    I love your drive and your husband does a great job of narrating!

  6. what a beautiful nice to see anything blooming!

  7. You always find such beautiful places to visit, thank you for sharing.