Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes

Anderson, SC is a pretty neat place!  Every year DH and I go
on the Anderson Heritage Tour of Homes walking tour before
we decorate our own blue cottage.  We love talking with the
owners of the homes about what they did with their gutters, or
how they chose the colors for the bedrooms.  Here are some
of the homes on the tour.  Hope you enjoy them, too!
I was so excited that 106 Webb St. was on the tour.  It was
built in 1897 and the owner is restoring it.  It is already a very livable home.
View from across the street.
This home at 707 West Market had incredible sunlight streaming 
in the windows!
There I am holding a guide book to the homes.  This home at 902 West Market
 was once in disrepair but has been renovated.  It is beautiful inside.  
 Across the street, 809 West Market, is the Marshall Orr House.
It is now the home of the Anderson County Woman's Club.
A bake sale was going on inside.  Here are a few pictures.

Then back to 104 Webb Street, where old and new exist together.

Sometimes you meet people who are so warm and inviting that it
makes your whole day!  We met a neighbor at the first house on
the tour that set that tone.  His home was not on the tour.  He is
an elderly gentlemen who had taken great care of his home and
had lived in the neighborhood for many years.
      His home is my favorite!  (....a blueish-gray cottage?....)

Thank you for coming along on the tour with us!  We enjoyed
your company!




  1. I would love to see more of the insides! and what colors were the bedrooms?

  2. All of these homes, except for the Marshall Orr house, were private homes lived in by families. There were lots of people with cameras snapping pictures, but I feel funny about putting pictures on the Internet of the inside of someone's home. So I just take pictures of the outside!

    Some bedrooms had beautiful antique furniture with gold curtains, etc. Some of the children's rooms were modern and fashionable. All had LARGE rooms!

  3. I love Christmas homes tours! Yours look incredible. But I do understand about taking pictures of the insides of the homes.

  4. Those are wonderful thanks for sharing. I love visiting your blog.

  5. I just love the tour Lottie. The first home is my favorite. I see the star on one and I plan on getting me one of those to put on the back porch next year. I see alot of homes with them.


  6. The houses are lovely. Looks like it was a very interesting tour.

  7. Thanks for taking us on such a beautiful home tour!