Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Look at Leaves!

I love this time of year when Thanksgiving is over and we still
have beautiful colors of fall.  Many houses in my neighborhood
have already put up their Christmas decorations and lights with
leaves still falling.  Take a walk with me.  Let's look at leaves...

There are leaves everywhere today.  It rained last night and
no one is out making noise with a leaf blower or raking.
And it is just like magic outside with leaves everywhere!
Leaves everywhere.  How wonderful to just enjoy them for one
day out of the year instead of trying to rake them up.

Leaves everywhere outside my front door!

Leaves everywhere around the woodpile in the back yard.
Leaves all over the deck and chairs......they seem to belong.

We'll rake tomorrow.  Today we will just enjoy the leaves.

Thank you for walking with me to look at leaves.


PS, if  you're over my way tomorrow, I have an extra rake
and leaf blower.  We can look at the leaves again! :-D


  1. I agree--it is beautiful here to--some really bright orange and red and yellow trees. Because of some gentle rain the leaves are everywhere and it feels so go to walk swishingly through them;-)

  2. I love the fall colors. It really makes you looks at the leaves in more detail. It is so much fun. Thanks for the heartwarming pictures!!

  3. I love walking through the fallen leaves and listening to them rustle! I just love autumn and all the beautiful colors. Unfortunately, it snowed on my leaves before I could get them all raked up. I guess "out of sight, out of mind"...right!