Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Lessons: Do's and Don'ts

I like to reflect back on holidays and think about what I have
learned that will make the next year even better!  So every
year I come up with a list of  Do's and Don'ts for our holiday.
I want to post them here today and maybe my friends in
blogland will post theirs and we can all learn together!  This
year we didn't travel to stay with family and no one traveled
to visit us.  I know many of you have house guests and would
welcome comments about that, too!  First, .....

The Do's.....
1.  Do buy yourself something very nice that you really need!
DH and I gave each other a new mattress!
2.  Do super clean the house before putting out the Christmas
3.  Do plan some FUN during the holidays.  We planned to
go to two movies at the theater and really enjoyed ourselves.
Make of list of FUN things to do and do them!
4.  Keep your routines.  Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner as
much as you can at the same times.  Keep laundry done.
5.  Do eat lots of protein.
6.  Do make time to be alone.  Too much together time can
leave one frazzled.
7.  Do indulge in a few holiday favorites, such as a couple
of Christmas cookies and eggnog.
8.  Do attend and enjoy your local church services.
9.  Do listen to Christmas music all month long.
10.  Do watch Christmas movies on TV and DVD.
11.  Do PLAY.  We had the best basketball games in the
snow this year!
12.  Do visit your beauty shop for a new cut and color!
13.  Do send out Christmas cards!
14.  Do be generous in your giving!
15.  Do give MONEY to young people.  They need it!
16.  Do give MONEY to old people.  They need it!
17.  Do give MONEY.  Everyone needs it!
17.  Do buy fresh baked bread for the neighbors.
18.  Do make a plan to rest and enjoy the holidays!

You may have some other Do's that you would like to share!

The Don'ts....
1.  Don't remodel the house while the Christmas decorations
are up!
2.  Don't redecorate while the Christmas decorations are up!
3.  Don't do major cleaning when you should be enjoying the
4.  Don't stay up all night cooking!
5.  Don't go to the grocery store EVERY day!
6.  Don't eat desserts ALL day! (Do eat protein)
7.  Don't buy too much at the after Christmas sale! ( I still
am trying to use up 75% off Christmas wrap from three
years ago)
8.  Don't eat at the office party.  I realized this year that half
the people didn't even was the skinny half!
9.  Don't drive in snow storms to visit relatives.  Call them
     on the phone!
10.  And the biggest lesson I learned this year..........

Well, every year is different.  What did you learn this 
year?  What did you put on your Do's and Don'ts list?

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  1. Ha! Ha! I love your DO and DON'T list. I'm guilty of doing most of the things on both lists. I can add to the DON'T list....DON'T replace the toilets in two bathrooms six hours before the big family Christmas Party!