Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update on Christmas Cards!

If I had doubts before, I have none now!  We
have received some of the most warm and
wonderful Christmas cards ever!  Thank you,
Elaine, for reminding me that it is the thought
that counts and we send out Christmas cards
to let people know we are thinking of them! 

And people have sent cards with wonderful
messages that let us know they were thinking
of us!  What a wonderful time of year!

Some cards are from old friends we have not
seen all year.  We meet in the grocery store
from time to time (maybe July) and we thank
each other for our card.  It is a way to stay
connected....a way to pick up where we left
off last time.

A way to remember we were great friends
one time and maybe again some day.

Some cards only say "Merry Christmas"
and contain the senders signature.  Others
have a long message about all that is going
on at their home.

When 88 year old Auntie writes, "I'm doing
fine!", it means she is using her walker and
getting around and eating good meals.... it
means something.  What a great card!

There are cards that have
come a long way across the
continent from a niece who
is in the Army.  Good to
read her long letter to keep
in touch.  Glad she is also
"Doin' Fine!"

DH sent lots of cards this year to friends
and family that I didn't even know. Oh,
wonderful cards we received!

So, next year, we will start our cards earlier
and write longer messages.

Now look what our neighbor did!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful mailbox!  I'm plan to copy hers next year and
the poor mailman will have have to hunt for where to put the 
Christmas cards next year!

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all!


  1. A wonderful post...getting a card in the mail does make us smile...whether the card is simply signed or with a message. With that thought I wish you a Merry Christmas

  2. There is just something special about getting Christmas cards. Thanks for a tender post. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!