Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Deck

We love to be outdoors! I especially like to set a picnic table for
simple meals like breakfast and lunch. 

Can you see my problem?

Yes, I have to carry the dishes and food up and down four steps!
The patio was nice and I enjoyed it, but it was small. DH started
building a deck last winter.  It turned out better than I ever

I can't wait to set a table on the deck and enjoy the sunset
in the evenings. DH is my hero!

Thank you for visiting today.  I wish we could share a
lemonaide on the deck together.  Hope you are having
a good week!


  1. Very nice and in the early mornings or cooler weather or evenings it should be great!

  2. Oh, Lottie, your deck is wonderful! I picture a soft cool morn with a hot cup of tea, english muffins, jam ... & lots of 'friends flitting all about to enjoy.

    Have a lovely day ~
    TTFN~ Marydon

  3. Wow!! So beautiful! It is amazing the difference in the two pictures. Love it!! I had a deck like that off my old house. I really miss it!!

  4. What a nifty deck! A table with an umbrella would look nice there, and a hammock, a glider, and maybe a lounge. How large is that deck? Enjoy!