Thursday, July 8, 2010

In the Garden - Happy Day

I've neglected my garden. 
It is hot outside and everything needs water
to survive.  I went for a walk yesterday,
and I know it is just my imagination,
but it seemed like the garden
was.....happy to see me!

Hello, Lottie!

The Black Eyed Susans seemed to shout for joy!

The red Salvia seemed to salute as I walked by.

The Vinca was giggling in the old wooden barrel.

The Crepe Myrtle was singing and swaying in the breeze.

The Hydrangea was happy I brought the water hose.

And sweet Sardis seemed happy we were walking in the garden.

The Tiger Lily and the Dragonfly caught me by surprise!

The Dragonfly he was..........smiling?

If he says, "Hello, Lottie," I'm going to run!

Hope you enjoyed a walk in the garden.  I know Disney must have put this
idea in my head from all those cartoons, but it does seem the garden is as
happy as I am when we spend time together.  Hope your garden is happy!



  1. I enjoyed your garden. Mine is not looking so great in this heat (it was 100 earlier)

    I love lilies and iris.

  2. Your Garden is lovely. That Tiger Lily is so pretty and I must agree, your Black Eyed Susan's do look "happy!"

  3. I enjoyed all the photos...and I loved the dragonfly one. :)

  4. Your garden is gorgeous! Every plant looks happy. Sardis is a cutie, too.

  5. Hello, Lottie, and thank you for your visit this evening. I certainly enjoyed my wander through your blog, and will be back for more. I loved the photos of houses from Eufaula, and the views of your house - you're right about losing your heart to a house.....I did!

  6. Hi Lottie,
    Your flowers are beautiful! We spent quite a bit of time worrying about our garden at home knowing how hot it was while we were away and sadly I lost a couple of my potted plants and my hydrangea flowers are no longer colorful but I'm relieved that everything else survived even if they were a little thirsty.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  7. I think they were happy to see you Lottie! I see a number of the same flowers in mine! I took a similar walk to assess the weed situation - they're doing marvelously! Sigh, it is so hot and humid - but, I must go out and free some of my friends!
    Thanks for sharing your garden,

  8. Well, yours all look better than mine! My black eyed susans are all over grown with weeds--I told my hubby to mow em down! My crepe myrtle are not blooming (they never do even with fertilizer). My day lilies are fine but almost done blooming. My vinca are very tall! My photo of the dragon fly is at my spindle cottage blog ad he doesn't look as nice as yours , lol!

  9. Hi Lottie,
    What a cute post, it certainly put a smile on my face...lovely way to start my day and love your garden, it's full of so many beautiful and colorful flowers. Great pictures too.

    Hugs and Smiles,

  10. Your flowers look great and probably happy to see the water. Too hot and humid here to be outside.

  11. Well your dragonfly photo is much nicer. Unfortunately I had to take my photo through the screen and dirty? window! Blessings on your day; hope your placeis coming along!

  12. I agree your garden did look happy to see you!! Loved this post. Thanks for brightening my day and touching my heart!!

  13. Hi Lottie!
    I think your garden is beautiful and HAPPY!
    I believe our flowers know we love them and that's why they smile back at us so brightly and cheerfully! No, I'm not crazy, just a nutty gardner that's all... Thanks so much for your sweet note and for following me over at Dandelion House! I look foreward to seeing you again soon, right here!