Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moss Rose, Portulaca, for a broken heart

I can't believe it has been two months since I've written to my bloggy friends!  I've been struggling with carpel tunnel syndrome for awhile now and trying to mend a broken heart at the same time.

You see, both my grown sons, 30 and 32, have moved across country from me and their dad.  One was offered an incredible new job and the other was offered a promotion.  I didn't expect both to move away within the same month of June.  But it is all good and an indication that the economy is doing better.  My heart is still breaking.  Dan, my oldest, hugged me before he walked out the door and said, "Mom, a man has to follow opportunity!"  He is right.

I was in a state of shock for awhile and my sister-in-law told me to "snap out of it!"  So I went to Lowe's and bought a Moss Rose, or Portulaca Rose as we used to call them. It brings joy to my heart. When I was a child in hot, hot Texas, my mom had strawberry pots filled with Portulaca Rose and that was about all!  The flowers were so beautiful! Thinking of them brings back happy memories of sitting in the sunshine as a child.   

Prescription for a broken heart = remember something that made you happy and try to find it again!

Miss Natalie couldn't understand why I was taking pictures on the deck and not taking pictures of her!  Here she  is!

Have a wonderful day!  I've missed you!  Feels so good to be writing to you again!


To see other beautiful Portulaca Rose. visit Poppy at Poppy View.



  1. So sorry to hear of your broken sister is going through the same thing...her 2 older children are in the service and always far away it seems and now her daughter and husband are moving to Colorado because he got a job as a fireman there...his dream! I hope you have lots of friends and family around...and there's facetime on the computer! Take care!

  2. I am sure that was a tough but congratulations
    to your sons.

    Good to see you!

    M : )

  3. Time marches on. Change isn't always something we can wrap our arms around. Instead tears fall down our face. Our heart is broken. And then we just go on. Attitude of gratitude helps me. I think you started doing that when you purchased the rose. I enjoyed listening to the music playing on your blog. Thanks for posting. See you next time.
    JM, Illinois

  4. Oh my, that's hard having them all the way across the country. Maybe you can use Skype when you talk to them, and then they won't seem so far away because you can see them. I remember when my son left for Army Basic Training (at 17!!) and I missed him so much. My heart goes out to you. The Portulaca Rose is so pretty. That's what my mom and I call it, too.

  5. lifes twist and turns I have hearing my youngest daughter who lives with me and two children say she needs space.. I know probably its time for her to move on as well I want her too cause she is messy and drives me crazy but at the same time I don't want her to go im so used to her her other siblings left soon out of the nest but she has lagged on... The Portulaca Rose is very pretty so is kitty... with love Janice

  6. Those are tough times. I remember when my youngest daughter left for collage in another state,I went through a time of depression as she and I were and still are very close. God is so good to bring us through all our stages of life. He will bring you through this, just draw close to His precious side.
    Your rose plant looks like the wild roses we have here in Colorado that grow in abundance. They are gorgeous.
    Your little miss Natalie is quite precious. You can see her in the corner of your first photo on the deck.
    Have a beautiful week-end.
    Joy! Debbie

  7. Hi Lottie,

    I can completely relate to you, my friend: my one and only precious daughter, Liberty, is all the way across the Atlantic, so don't feel too bad about your boys; at least they're on the same continent!! Opportunities for work is also the reason Liberty is in my hometown, as Greece's unemployment rate for the under 25 demographic is over 30%!! It's just so ironic that I left Canada to live in Greece, and she left Greece to live in Canada.

    Your pretty moss rose flowers are darling, and like you, they make me happy. Thank you for mentioning mine, here on your beautiful blog.

    Happy weekend to you!



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