Friday, April 25, 2014

Music to Live in a Quiet House

I did something different this year to decorate the house for Easter.  I just picked some flowers from the yard and put them around the house.  Honestly, I forgot to get down the box of plastic eggs and bunnies and baskets filled with fake plastic grass.

I love the red and white place mats I cut out after seeing Kim's place mats.  Click HERE to see a post on cool things at Nanny Kim's Place.

Yes, even decorated the bathroom with irises!

But I didn't decorate the bedrooms upstairs or the bathrooms or hall.  In fact, I notice I hardly go upstairs during the day at all unless I'm putting away laundry.  Upstairs seemed too quiet!  The family is grown and moved away or working.  So I  tried something new for me.  I bought a little radio/CD player for $25 and turned it on to one of those stations without commercials.  Now, every time I go upstairs, I'm greeted by music!  I love it!

I need to find a better place to keep my CDs, but for now, I keep them in this little purple crate by the radio/CD player.  The sewing machine belonged to my late mother and it is the one where as a little girl I sat with my mother sewing.  Over fifty years ago she bought it used and stripped and stained the cabinet.  I always thought the cabinet was so beautiful, but I wished we had a machine that would sew zig zag stitches. Ha!

The radio/CD player brought back a lot of memories of my mother.  When my siblings and I grew up and moved out, the house must have been quiet to her, too, because she put a little radio above a cabinet in the kitchen.  That radio was ALWAYS on whenever we came back to visit her!

Oh, what we do to escape time!  I look forward to being upstairs alone now!  I listen to the golden oldies and dance sometimes.  Other times of the day classical music is playing and I walk around picking up.  And then there are times when DH comes upstairs after cutting the grass and turns the radio off! He thinks I'm losing my mind leaving the radio on when no one is there.  Maybe I am.

How do you live in a quiet house?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Such pretty music playing on your blog as I read your post. It's so soothing. I love to just sit and listen. Quiet time at my house isn't always quiet, my DH leaves the tv on even when he gets up and goes to another room, I quietly go and turn it off. I love to sit quietly and read or take out a photo album and look at by gone days of fun with family, especially grandchildren, they grow up so fast.
    Have a good weekend, Lottie.


    1. Hi Sylvia,

      I'm so glad you like the music on the blog. It is relaxing to me, too!

      The songs are from a CD "Enchanted Piano" by Kevin Kern. I have several of his CDs where I discovered the songs on Here is one link.

      I also reccomend David Nevue on piano. Someone told me about David Nevue at Christmas and I bought some of his CDs and discovered Kevin Kern.

      I go to and listen to the samples of each song!

      Sylvia, hope you have a great weekend, too!


  2. Hi Lottie,,

    I think there is nothing more lovely than garden flowers to decorate your home, or any home. The place mats are so and white is delightfully fresh looking.

    Who sweet that you have your mother's sewing machine. It is such a pretty cabinet. and a prefect place for music. How nice to have music on to fill the upstairs rooms. I can picture my own grandmother and her radio. It never occurred to me that she might have it on because the house was too quiet.

    Someday soon, my house will probably be too quiet too. Two of my five children no longer live at home, and the other three are nearly grown, with two of those in college and one nearing high school graduation it may not be long. I will dearly miss my children being home.

    Happy May Day!

  3. Hi Lottie! Your home is beautiful! Love the way you arranged your pretty flowers too! Greetings all the way from England! :)<3

  4. Hello Lottie, This was such a peaceful visit today, oh my, just beautiful. I am your newest follower and I so look forward to visiting ovten.
    Bless you! Debbie

  5. Love those purple azaleas on mantle. I have one that is huge and hate seeing them fade. I love seeing flowers like you have placed in many areas of your house. Very
    Great idea with the c.d. player . I do enjoy your blog music while browsing.

  6. Hey Lottie, you have such a sweet blog. I love your fresh picked flowers and the sewing cabinet is perfect. Great memories. I'm a new follower. Hope you will visit me when you can. Sherry

  7. Hi Lottie,

    Like you, I have been trying to adapt to our own empty nest, even though my daughter was away at university since 2008, so it's been over 4 years now. Singing along with all my favourite Jazz ladies is my therapy for a too quiet house, and while I'm doing the dishes, the laundry or mopping the floors, I am usually belting out those amazing jazz classics! Unlike the radio, my husband can't turn me off, but I only do these 'command performances' for myself!