Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beauty of July and Red Bistro Set

Hello bloggy friends!  I think July is just beautiful!
Bright orange Tiger Lilies bloomed 4th of July!
Watermelon Crepe Myrtle's are like fireworks bursting in the sunshine!
Our small butterfly bush looks pretty through the window..
Sparking raindrops on a geranium in the yard.
I wanted to share a picture of a red bistro set we bought for the side porch. I love the red!  And it is so July!  DH and I take our breakfast out in the morning to start our day together.  And on the few days that it rains, I love to sit out and watch the rain!

Every time I walk up the porch, it makes me smile. My neighbor, who is 94, told me that if you buy something that makes you happy, then you spent your money well! With all due respect to my hardworking, creative bloggy friends, this bistro set is not vintage. I didn't buy it at a yard sale, nor did I paint it myself.  In fact, I bought it brand new at Wal-mart at regular price!  And I love it! But I was a little apprehensive about sharing it on the blog because it wasn't vintage.  DH had to put it all together so maybe that counts as DIY!

I have to get over this guilty feeling from buying something new!  Maybe I need to go shopping and try to cure myself! LOL!

Have a great week!
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  1. Lottie it is pretty and who cares if it is not really vintage. It will be in time won't it. I love the red. I have a white one I bought a couple of years ago and maybe I will paint mine red next year.

  2. Your new, watermelon red bistro set is beautiful!! I would have snapped it up in a second! Love the colour of your home's exterior. Lucky you; enjoy it!


  3. So cute! You buy whatever you want!! Especially if it make YOU happy.
    I want one NOW.

    M :)