Friday, April 4, 2014

Flowers of Distraction

Hello today.  Are you busy, too?  Join me in the yard. Have you ever been so busy that the flowers distract you?  Every time I walk by  the tulips start laughing at me!

I find myself walking down this path out my back door to the swing in the backyard.  There I enjoy swinging, enjoying the breeze, spring ... tulips.  I think to myself, "How did I get out here?  Did I fold the laundry?  Did I unload the dishwasher?"

The tulips laugh all around me!  They are so beautiful! They are incredible!

Some flowers look like pieces of art!  I can't stop looking!

I stop in front of the first iris of the spring, purple on April Fool's Day! I'm unable to walk a step further.

I'm distracted by how delicate, how reminiscent of lace, these flowers are.

And across the yard, there is the first blooming azalea.  I stare .....

My knees stop so I can't walk up the steps by the old pansy barrel ... The pansies laugh at me every time I climb the steps to the door.

Spring is a lovely distraction ...

And why I stop and look INSIDE a tulip, every time I walk by, I'll never know.

I think it is probably a good thing that we are so distracted in our lives.  How else would we have the time to feel inspired by all the beauty that surrounds us?

Thank you for visiting and sharing my distractions!  Are flowers laughing at you when you walk by?



  1. Hello dear Lottie,

    Your flowers are beautiful. What a pleasant yard and swing! It must be a wonderful place to sit and rest or visit.

    Have a great weekend!
    :) Hope

  2. I love that the flowers speak to you as you pass by. They are all so pretty and welcoming after a long cold winter. God's beauty is all around us if we will only stop and look!

  3. Your flowers look so pretty. Our yard is a mess with little flowers. I stripped the yard last year and starting over, since the sewer company about destroy our back yard than.

  4. Any flower blooming would be a welcomed distraction! Loved seeing your tulips.