Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Day at Home

I love being home in the Spring.

However, I had the opportunity to travel for 10 days on a wonderful trip!  I didn't go.  Some of my family did go.  Every night the phone rings and I hear about what a great adventure everyone had that day.  But I couldn't be happier staying at home.

Dog in the window.

You see, this is the week the azaleas bloom.  

Next year I'll go on a trip, but this year I just wanted to be home
and laugh with the azaleas!

And enjoy the wonderful banana bread my sweet neighbor baked! 

Who wants to travel the world when you can stay home and your neighbor hands you a hot loaf of banana bread just out of the oven across the fence .... yum!

Hope you enjoy your Spring days!


  1. The azaleas are so pretty. Here in Wisconsin we are just happy the snow is gone! Soon we will see buds and pretty flowers. What a wonderful neighbor you have, the bread load delicious.

  2. Hi Lottie! It has been a while since I stopped by to visit. Banana bread is a favorite here in our home. And I know how you feel about staying home. I love that here in Holland they call you a house sparrow "huismus" when you prefer to be at home. That is my too. :-)

    Hugs from Holland,

  3. Your azalea's are beautiful, so envious, Sometimes it is rewarding to do, what you want to do which may be nothing!

  4. Sounds good to me! So does the banana bread.

    M :)

  5. Lottie, you sound just like me...I love being home. When my family went sailing in San Francisco in my nephew's sailboat, they came home at the end of the day telling me what a beautiful day and great time I had missed. But they could not be more wrong because I had spent the day just where my heart desired to be - home.

    Your azaleas look beautiful and so lovely there in front of your blue cottage.

    :) Hope