Saturday, March 22, 2014

Taking a Break at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens

This has been such a loooong winter!  A couple of weeks ago we had a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon so we drove to South Carolina Botanical Gardens just to take a walk.  The gardens were beautiful and full of people enjoying the day.  We used to go quite often for picnics when our boys were little.  The gardens are only 17 miles from our home, but we seem to be too busy these days to take the time for picnics.

The gardens are located in the campus of Clemson University.  When the boys were 5 and 3, I was taking classes at CU and three days a week the boys and I would have a picnic lunch at the red caboose at the gardens.  That was over twenty-five years ago! I can still hear their laughter in my mind.

Even the swings have a story.  One summer when my nineteen year old son was enrolled in classes at Clemson, he broke bones in his foot hiking. He had a cast on his foot and leg so I drove him to class, took my book to the swings and read until he was out before driving him home, everyday!  I wish I could go back to that time, too:-)

But this is early March of 2014 and my mantra is "Treasure Today!"

A part of the garden DH and I visited today was the camilia garden, all in bloom!

Actually, the camilia garden is a series of paths around the pond.

Beautiful camilias are blooming!

It was a beautiful day with camilias everywhere, but we also noticed all the turtles sunning on the man-made lily pads in the pond.

What a beautiful day for turtles!  I wonder what the turtles were thinking?

Treasure Today!

Thank you for taking a break with us today!  

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  1. Hello dear Lottie,

    I also always try to treasure today. Your stories about this lovely garden and its sweet memories make me a little teary-eyed. Our time with our children is really very short, but we can always have the beautiful memories if we make sure to treasure each day.

    Thanks for your comment about the tree and for sharing your own experience with the sweet-gum tree outside your backdoor. - I can just see you as a child gingerly walking to avoid those spiney balls.

    I enjoyed these photos of the beautiful Botanical Gardens.
    :) Hope