Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Flower Bed!

This winter has been long and hard for everyone!  We had a lovely day last week and I was looking at the Lenten Rose by the back door.  I was thinking how nice a flower bed along the garage would look!  Within a couple of hours dear husband had bought landscaping timbers and soil and built a new flower bed!  (in which he planted radishes :-)

The little white fence came in 2 foot sections from Walmart for $1.97 each.

It looks like Spring is on it's way!  Finally! 

It was 70 degrees today in South Carolina and it will be 32 degrees in the morning when we wake up!   Hope you are enjoying this weird weather!



  1. The flower bed looks lovely. We are suppose to get hit hard tonight and tomorrow. I cannot wait for this winter to be over.

  2. Great that you now have a flower bed that you can enjoy. It was 71 yesterday here and raining and turning colder today! Maybe spring will be here soon and all will be good with the world or least my little world. Enjoy!

  3. The fence is so sweet.. I got these scroll wire ones that I like .. happy new week with love Janice

  4. It looks like it's been there forever! I love the little white fence.

    But I have to admit that seeing your temperatures and daffodils in bloom has put me into a huge spin of spring fever - we are faced with subzero temperatures and about a foot of snow already on the ground with more to come. Ah, the joys of living in Canada.