Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Old Houses in Honea Path, SC

Back in 1981, thirty-three years ago, dear husband was working in Honea Path, SC. Honea Path was a mill town of about 3500 people back then, maybe less now.  We lived in a neighboring town and he worked odd hours (a lot of hours) so I got it in my head that I wanted to move to Honea Path,  I found the perfect house!

I was a silly young bride who didn't realize how hard it would be to work on such a big house.  The house was for sale for only $25,000 back then and needed paint and a new roof.  I took dear husband to see the house and he noticed all the work that he would have to do on the few hours he was home and train tracks across the back yard!  Then a train came roaring by!  That was the end of that!

Today we came through Honea Path again and we had to drive by the house.  It looked great and the tracks had been taken up in the backyard.  Quite a few houses had had renovations.  Here are just a few pictures we took today on our way home..  

This would have been our neighbor's house on the right.

And past a few houses down on the left we could walk to this beautiful little Carnegie library.

This is a really cute Chippendale style house that was always just beautiful inside.  It is so good to see that someone has made the right choices renovating this house.  It is now a real estate office.  I love the green color it was painted and the rocks added to the porch.

This house has always been known as The Pink Castle and was once a B&B. It is located across the street from the old elementary school which is now a beautiful community center.  Next door is this elegantly simple house.

Take a walk down the street and you come upon this wonderful house with the big porches!

And talk about relaxing on the porch!

Next door has a porch .... and a rock wall!

And this one is being renovated.  It was DH's favorite because of all the potential!

And the beautiful intact porch railing!

There are many more homes in Honea Path that have been renovated and are beautiful.  None in these pictures are for sale.  I notice renovation everywhere in Honea Path. 

It is time to drive on home before it gets dark.  Time to put the camera away. 

Hope you enjoyed our stop!



  1. Beautiful homes, Lottie, I could be happy with any of them, just my style!

  2. The houses are beautiful. I would have bought the house just for the train tracks. I told my Hubby that no matter where we lived I would have to hear a train. So many memories about my Grandfather and trains. It seems that we have always lived where I could hear a train.

  3. All those houses are so pretty! The porch railing on that last house is gorgeous. I always like to see your photos of houses.

  4. There is just something about all the wonderful large older homes that draws the eye in...such beauty! They just do not build homes with such class anymore...It seems each one stood on its own.. individual... Such beautiful pics. I just found your blog while browsing around.....I am followin along with you..Come on over for a visit and follow along with me... Have a great week. Blessings!

  5. Ah , so beautiful!!! I wish they would build them like this when they build "developments!" I love the days of the unique and homey homes!!! I don't even know where this town is. I will have to look it up on google maps. When my hubby retires we should take some day trips!

  6. I see why I have not heard of it---it is on the other side of the state!

  7. Hi Lottie,

    Such lovely homes! I get excited looking at these. They are the sort of home I always imagined living in and raising a very large family. As it turns out, I live in a 1,248 sq. ft. home and have just a handful (five) children. I came from 15, so 5 is small to me. But I am very blessed and love my little home and family.

    :) Hope

  8. The one who would've been your neighbor on the right is me :)