Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Few Old Houses in Due West, SC

Hello bloggy friends!  You know how I like to take my camera when I travel and pick a street with beautiful old homes and snap pictures to share on my blog.  Sunday afternoon was sunny and warm on our trip to Due West, South Carolina.  Due West is a beautiful college town surrounded by farmland (mostly hay and pasture) and woods.  The area is famous in history because a historic treaty was signed with the Cherokee at a trading post just "due west" on the Cherokee trail.
 But hardly anyone knows that story now.  Due West is famous now for Erskine College, which is ranked very high in the nation for small private colleges, and although it has a great seminary, lots of my friends sent their children to Erskine because of their super science labs!
The above picture is not one of the modern labs but the literary society.  But this post is about the houses.  This is a "little" town with only 1,200 + people living here excluding students.  I don't remember seeing any for sale signs on any houses.  Here are some of my favorite old houses on Bonner Street 

This house is being restored.

I thought this cottage was adorable!

This beautiful cottage is on the corner of Bonner St.

Big yellow house next to the library on Main Street.
LARGE house on corner of Main and Abbeville St.  The house faces a beautiful old church!

Abbeville Street and faces the beautiful brown house below.

I love the windows on this brown beauty!  The street beside it goes to the next block beside the post office and dining hall for Erskine College which welcomes residents.  

I love taking my camera and walking down the sidewalk along a historic neighborhood and taking pictures from different angles.  And then I love editing out cars and telephone poles and posting the pictures on the blog. I truly enjoy it!  It is the closest thing I have ever done that could be called a hobby.  Everything else has just been work(or housework).  But this is my last trip.  I'm done.  

We have a house that awaits us to restore.  My husband doesn't enjoy the trips anymore and he is constantly thinking about what needs to be done on our house.  It's not much fun (or sometimes safe) to go alone besides I can't always drive some days.  So, I may resort to taking pictures of birds at the birdfeeder and putting them on the blog!  May take a break from blogging until I get a life. :-)  Hey, I may take some photography lessons!

Anyway, I hope you are having a great day and enjoyed the house tour!  



  1. I didn't know the story of Due West and it's always interesting to hear how towns got their names. Thanks for sharing. I like all the houses that you shared. Please do take photos of birds at your bird feeders. Birds are so pretty, even the little sparrows and such.

  2. Love all the houses, but my favorite are the ones with wrap around porches. Can't you just see yourself sitting there rocking in the rocking chairs or sitting in the swing!

  3. Good morning Lottie,

    What a nice small town; it looks like a lovely place to live.

    I know what you mean about blogging your favorite thing being a sort of hobby. That is the way it has been for me...taking photos of the things I love and posting them. I don't have many opportunities to take photos away from home, one reason being that my husband does not like to stop long enough for me to capture the picture I want - not that I am complaining. So, many of my blog post are just about thing around home. Lately I have not been very inspired; that is why I have not been posting very often.

    Go ahead and post those things you love, and I will enjoy popping in to look at your pictures. I will miss you if you don't.

    I hope all goes well for you.
    :) Hope

  4. Hi Lottie,
    Wow, what gorgeous homes. My favorite would have to be the yellow house next to the Library and then the photo of the large white one underneath it comes in second. Thanks for showing us the homes.
    Have a great day,

  5. I have never been there so it is a treat to look at the pictures. My son-in-laws brother went to Erskine . It is nice to see a variety of homey homes unlike the ones they are building in my town at this time!

  6. Love these old homes. The yellow one with the blue door and shutters is my fave . . . I think! Wish we lived closer, I would go with you on your trips and we could take pics together. I did the same thing on our trip to New Hampshire this past fall. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the pictures so beautiful and coming to your blog brightens my day.

  8. Hi again--hope all is well with you!

  9. Love touring the streets lined with old homes! Especially love being able to go inside...

  10. The houses are beautiful! I just love old homes :)

  11. Just replying to your comment at my blog---yes the ice is the concern. It look like it may be bad. My son lives down in Mount Pleasant. It is supposed to be pretty icy where I am as well. Thankfully I don't have to go out , but my hubby does.

  12. Hey you need to do a post by the 15th--one a month just to keep in practice ;-)

  13. Lottie, I love old Victorian homes. Thanks for sharing these with us, they are beautiful.

  14. Lottie, these homes are so lovely. I especially love the yellow ones with the wrap around porches, so very charming and cheery! But, I have to admit, the Literary Society building is also very beautiful and formal sounding. Wonder if it is posh inside, too!

    Happy Valentine's Day!