Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Weeks in March

This is a special time of year!  There are about two weeks in March when two of my favorite bushes with flowers bloom.  Lots of people cut the branches and force them inside, but we have pretty days in March in South Carolina where the blooms are beautiful outside.

First, I love a Flowering Quince!  They bloom on branches without leaves, but with thorns.  I have a pink Flowering Quince planted by my sidewalk from the driveway to the side door.  So, I "skip a beat" of my heart every time I walk by. 

Second, the picture below is of a Forsythia, often called Yellow Bells.  For years I would cut long branches and put them in a big vase in the living room.  But, my neighbors have these planted all along their fence so that we can just look out the bay window and see a golden show!

Of course,  I love the trees in winter because I can see the sky.  These big boys below are threatening each day to burst out in new baby leaves.  I watch them, too, during these special two weeks before spring in March.  Soon, the trees will become a canopy of shade.  The world will change. Wish I could hit a "pause" button sometimes!.

Hope you are having a happy day!  If you are, hit the pause button for a minute before the world changes again!



  1. Flowering quince and forsythia are favorites of mine too! I love for spring to move slowly along also, not rush into summer.

  2. What a lovely post, Lottie! Your flowers are indeed beautiful! It is good to take a minute and truly soak in the splendor of spring.

    :) Hope

  3. Two of my favorites also! I have a light pink flowering quince (2 in fact) at the back of our yard - love them. But my absolute favorite is the huge magnolia in our front garden. It's a show stopper.