Thursday, November 1, 2012

Right Before Winter

My ninety-one year old neighbor calls it Wacky Weather!  She pointed out that the acorns fell a month early and spring flowers were blooming in the fall!  Come along with me today and enjoy the flowers blooming this last week of October.
. They are called re-bloomers!  These irises bloom again in the fall.  This one is called Harvest of Memories.
This iris is called Autumn Trisk.ALWAYS write down the names of your irises somewhere!
 This is a Confederate Rose.  It only blooms in the fall and doesn't last very long.
With this beautiful single rose, you can see a little pink from the camellias in the background.
I planted these marigolds in July for fall flowers.  The seed packet was marked to 10 cents late in the season.
 This was a rescue pot that was almost dead in July.  It really looks pretty this fall!
The petunias are still producing.  Next week this hanging pot will be full of new pansies!
 The geraniums are still beautiful on the front step.  But look at all those leaves!
We may be having Wacky Weather, but for sure there will be leaves to rake!  I worked awhile and it started to get cold.  So I thought I would go inside and ask for some help.
Sardis followed me around to the back door to look for dear husband.  He doesn't look very happy about me going inside.
I found dear husband building a fire to warm up the house.  He made a fire and then went out to help me with the leaves til dark.  I am so grateful for everything in my life.  Thank you for visiting today and sharing some of it with me.  We indeed do have Wacky Weather these days.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. 



  1. Hi Lottie, You are right, we do have wacky weather. That is wild that those flowers are blooming in November. How pretty though. Gina

  2. Your yard is so pretty...since I got home from vacation I have been putting out mini snap dragons and violas...they will be beautiful through wiinter and especially in Spring. I have a bunch of marigolds still blooming...I collect the dead flowers...put them in something til they dry out and then keep the seeds in an envelope until I'm ready to plant them much fun! Thanks for stopping by my site! have a great weekend!!

  3. Hi Lottie, thanks for stopping by and visiting with me at A Gramdmas Blessings, and for leaving such a sweet comment. I love your blog and will be your newest follower. Please stop by again.

  4. I think we enjoy the last blooms more than the first in spring. The 2 frosts we had this week did most of ours in. I always leave bringing in the houseplants until the last minute and then have to scramble to find saucers for them. This year I brought in 3 pots of gardenias. Will they make it as houseplants? Just couldn't bear to let them get killed outside. Love that your husband is building a wood fire--since we went to gas logs I miss that smell so much.