Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 and Decorated Mantel

Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this year!  I want to share with you my favorite place in our home, the fireplace in the kitchen.
This is truly my happy place.  DH keeps the fire going and the kitchen is always warm and toasty.
These are my only Thanksgiving decorations this year.  I retired and donated ALL my decorations to the school library where I worked.  I was a little sad this year without decorations in my home, so when I told DH about a really neat ceramic turkey at KMart, he immediately took me shopping and bought it for me!  It made me feel better instantly! (I don't know why I didn't do that for myself.)

Next to the turkey is a pot made by John Meaders, a famous folk potter in Georgia that we had the honor of meeting while he was still alive.  The burgundy basket I have had forever and fill with cinnamon scented pine cones.  I know these are simple decorations, but they make me happy.  More would be too much.
I called this my happy place.  The day we bought this clock at Walmart about fifteen years ago was a happy day.  Nothing special happened that day.  DH and I were shopping for other items on our list when we walked by this clock and we both thought it would look nice until we could afford something better.  We were happy bringing it home and putting it on the wall.  It was like a gift of happiness we gave to each other.

You can almost see the other pot on the left side of the picture.  DH made that one.  (He is the famous folk potter I know in SC.)
This is the warmest wood stove!  We have had it over thirty-four years, in two houses.  It was fashionable in 1978 to use wood stoves to heat homes.  We have a gas heat pump for when we don't use wood, but DH is stubborn about saving money and using wood.  This is a CRAFT stove.  We researched what kind of stove we wanted back in 1978 and decided on CRAFT.  The factory where these stoves were being made was in Gastonia, NC.  You could order one from the factory and save a little money, especially if you picked it up yourself.  We were newlyweds back in 1978, but we saved and saved and put together the $500 it took to buy the stove.  Then the day we were supposed to pick it up, DH had to work. That meant I had to drive his truck by myself 150 miles with $500 in my pocketbook to a machine shop and pick up the stove.  I was young and I was afraid, but I did it!  I didn't know then that this stove would warm our family for the next thirty-four years.

One more story.  I love my sons who love the outdoors and have hiked the US and Spain.  Sixteen years ago my son hung his lantern by the stove and said it looked good there. I can't bring myself to move it. I guess I have enough decorations for Thanksgiving.  Thank you for visiting.  Hope you have a wonderful day!




  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you mantle. I have a clock just like that one of yours.

  2. Wow....a fireplace in your kitchen!!!! That would be a dream come true for me. I just love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    :) Hope

  3. Your Thanksgiving decorations are enough and right. The fireplace in the kitchen is nice. Oh, we used a wood stove for decades, until all our kids left home and no one to help haul and stack wood. But we miss it.

  4. Hope you had a great holiday!

    M :)

  5. Lottie, I just left a reply to your comment and it was weird because I was just about to visit you here. I wanted to know how your dessert turned out? My pecan pie was great. Want to know a secret? The homemade crust for the chess pie I was also going to make is still sitting in my refrigerator. Ran out of energy and time and I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. Do we ever conquer guilt?

    1. Hi Dewena,
      After a wonderful dinner, we all came back take a nap! Then everyone woke up and went bicycle riding down a 23 mile bike trail. (I hit a few stores that were open.) Everyone met back at home for pumpkin pie! It turned out to be the "best" day!